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Delhi Capitals’ Campaign Concludes with a Remarkable Turnaround in IPL 2024

The Delhi Capitals brought their IPL 2024 season to a close with a stirring victory over the Lucknow Super Giants in what was their final league match of the year. Although they did not secure their spot in the playoffs, owing primarily to a subpar net run-rate that stood at -0.377, this fixture marked their concluding appearance this season. Delhi’s rollercoaster campaign came to an end tallying seven wins against an equal number of losses, marking a dramatic recovery from a tumultuous start that at first seemed to spell disaster.

The Capitals’ journey this season was nothing short of a phoenix rising from the ashes. With only one win in their first five matches, their prospects looked grim. However, the team staged an exemplary comeback, seizing victory in six out of their last nine engagements. Had fortune favored them with one more win, the playoffs would have been a realistic target, perhaps altering the terminal point of their 2024 campaign narrative.

In this dramatic turnaround, certain players emerged as the linchpins of the squad. Sourav Ganguly, the Director of Cricket for Delhi Capitals, extended high praise towards these standout performers and spotlighted Mukesh Kumar as the team’s best bowler of the season. Mukesh’s prowess with the ball was evident as he closed the season as the joint-highest wicket-taker, claiming 17 scalps in just 10 games, with an extraordinary average strike rate of 12.5. The commendable performance could have seen him don the coveted purple cap if not for an untimely injury that curtailed his run.

Ganguly expressed his admiration for Mukesh’s consistent ability to step up when the team needed him most, particularly excelling during the high-pressure death overs. “Mukesh has been our best bowler this season. He bowls all the difficult overs, whether at the start or at the death. There has been no match this season where we didn’t need his bowling in the death,” Ganguly remarked during an interaction with Jio Cinema. “Conceding sixes is akin to succumbing to defeat, so Mukesh’s consistent performance in those crucial moments was significant for us. Our Indian bowlers have truly been remarkable this season.”

Another young talent who caught Ganguly’s eye was Rasikh Salam. Despite a shaky start which led to being dropped from the team, Rasikh demonstrated resilience and growth. Ganguly noted, “You’ve seen Rasikh’s development over time. The more matches he played, the better he got. It’s not easy to bowl on the Delhi wicket; it’s a good one, but the ground isn’t that big. For any bowler, contending with these conditions isn’t a trivial task. Rasikh’s improvement has been substantial.” Indeed, Rasikh’s season was noteworthy, with nine wickets in eight matches to his name, including back-to-back three-wicket hauls.

The season for Delhi may have ended without the glint of silverware to show for their efforts, but the performances of players like Mukesh and Rasikh offer a silver lining. Their progression underlines an optimistic future for the Capitals who have shown that even in challenging circumstances, their ranks are replete with talent capable of steering the ship towards safer waters. With an eye on the next season, the Capitals and their fans can take pride in the undoubted spirit and skill that marks their team, eager to anticipate what might unfold when the IPL returns.