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Weather Drama Looms Over India vs South Africa T20 World Cup Final

India and South Africa are set to clash in a much-anticipated final showdown at the T20 World Cup 2024, with the biggest prize in T20 cricket up for grabs in the picturesque locale of Barbados. Both teams enter this high-stakes final unbeaten, setting the stage for a historic first: an undefeated team will lift the T20 World Cup trophy for the first time ever.

India’s journey to the final has been nothing short of spectacular, having dispatched England with a colossal 68-run victory in the semifinal. The Men in Blue have remained a dominant force throughout the tournament, maintaining a clean sheet through the Super 8 and group stages. Their unblemished record includes wins over cricketing powerhouses such as Australia and Pakistan, as well as victories against Bangladesh, Afghanistan, USA, and Ireland.

On the other side, South Africa has stormed into their first-ever men’s World Cup final with an equally impressive run. They cruised past Afghanistan by nine wickets in the semifinal, showcasing their strong form and deep talent pool. The Proteas have also emerged victorious against formidable opponents like England and the West Indies, in addition to beating USA, Nepal, Bangladesh, Netherlands, and Sri Lanka on their path to the final match.

As the two cricketing titans gear up for their face-off at the historic Kensington Oval in Bridgetown, Barbados, the looming threat of inclement weather has added an extra layer of drama to an already electrifying contest. Rain fell in Barbados after sunset on the eve of the game, temporarily easing before morning dawned on the much-anticipated match day. However, weather forecasts project around a 50% chance of precipitation at 10 AM local time, coinciding with the toss.

Further complicating matters, the Barbados Meteorological Department has issued a hurricane watch for Saturday morning, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the final. Both teams and their fans must now grapple with the possibility of disruptions as they brace for weather that could potentially alter the course of the day’s events.

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In the event that the match encounters weather-related interruptions, efforts will be made to complete the game on the originally scheduled day of June 29. Organizers have allocated an extra 190 minutes to accommodate delays, providing a cushion that could prove critical in ensuring a conclusive result. According to the rules, a minimum of 10 overs per side must be bowled for the match to be considered official.

If, despite best efforts, the game cannot be completed on June 29, a reserve day has been designated to ensure a fair outcome. Play will recommence at the same local time of 10:30 AM on the reserve day. Should some play have occurred before being halted, the match will resume from the exact point where it was stopped. If no play was possible on the initial day, the contest will start from scratch on the reserve day.

In the scenario where even the reserve day fails to allow for the minimum 10 overs per side, an extraordinary but equitable solution will come into effect: India and South Africa will be declared joint winners of the T20 World Cup. This outcome, while not the climactic finish the cricket world might crave, ensures the hard-fought efforts of both unbeaten teams are acknowledged in a manner befitting their exceptional performances throughout the tournament.

As the world watches with bated breath, the unfolding drama surrounding the weather adds a unique layer of tension to what promises to be an unforgettable cricket match. Fans and players alike will hope for clear skies and an unmarred contest that crowns a singular champion. Until then, all eyes remain on the heavens, as the two cricketing powerhouses await their chance to etch their names in history.