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Aamir Khan Plans Grand Celebration for Mother’s 90th Birthday with 200+ Family Members and Friends

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is gearing up to host an event that is nothing short of spectacular to mark his mother, Zeenat Hussain’s, 90th birthday. The celebration, slated for June 13, promises to be a grandiose affair, with more than 200 family members and friends flying in from various parts of India to join the festivity.

According to close sources, “Aamir Khan is flying in over 200 family members and friends from different cities to celebrate his mother’s birthday on June 13. Zeenat Hussain has been unwell for over a year, but now that she has recovered and is doing well, the family decided to come together for a large get-together.” This gathering aims to bring people from cities such as Banaras, Bangalore, Lucknow, and Mysore to Mumbai, where the celebration will be held at Aamir Khan’s residence.

Aamir Khan shares a profound bond with his mother, and he is known to seek her approval on scripts and films he undertakes. Zeenat Hussain plays a pivotal role in both his personal and professional life, impacting the choices he makes in his illustrious career. Khan had previously fulfilled a promise to his mother by taking her to Mecca for the holy Haj pilgrimage, emphasizing his commitment to her well-being and happiness. In various interviews, the actor has expressed his dedication to taking care of his aging mother, even taking a career break to focus on her health.

On the professional front, Aamir Khan is producing “Lahore 1947,” a highly-anticipated film that stars Sunny Deol in the lead role and is directed by Rajkumar Santoshi. The cast also includes noted actors such as Preity Zinta, Shabana Azmi, Karan Deol, and Ali Fazal. The project is particularly special as it marks the first collaboration between Aamir Khan and Sunny Deol, although the two have faced off in the box office before.

In 1990, the two actors had a memorable clash when Aamir Khan’s “Dil” and Sunny Deol’s “Ghayal” released on the same day, both emerging as significant hits. Another notable face-off occurred in 1996 with “Raja Hindustani” versus “Ghatak,” followed by the epic box office showdown in 2001, which saw “Lagaan” released alongside “Gadar.

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.” These clashes were significant events in Indian cinema, contributing to the careers of both actors and establishing their star power.

Now, for the first time, Aamir Khan and Sunny Deol have set aside past box office competition to collaborate on a film, bringing their combined star power to the project “Lahore 1947.” This film also reunites Aamir Khan with director Rajkumar Santoshi, who previously worked together on the iconic cult classic, “Andaz Apna Apna.”

As the magical date of June 13 approaches, Aamir Khan appears to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that his mother’s 90th birthday is an unforgettable occasion. Reports suggest that the actor has personally overseen the arrangements to ensure that every detail is perfect. Remarkably, this special event underscores his life philosophy, balancing a highly successful career while maintaining strong family connections.

Friends and family attending the occasion are excited, and their collective presence is expected to uplift Zeenat Hussain’s spirits as she celebrates this milestone in her life. A close acquaintance revealed, “The family is thrilled to be coming together to celebrate Zeenat Ji’s birthday, especially after such a challenging year. It’s a testament to the love and unity that they share.”

For fans of Aamir Khan, the news of this celebration adds another layer to his persona, showcasing him not just as an actor par excellence but also as a devoted son. This grand event is sure to capture the attention of the media and fans alike, symbolizing a beautiful blend of family values and stardom.

Amidst his upcoming projects and the bustling life of a Bollywood actor, Aamir Khan has chosen to pause and focus on what truly matters – family. This gesture not only speaks volumes about his character but also serves as an inspiration to many who look up to him. The impending birthday bash is set to be one for the books, a grand spectacle celebrating life, family, and love.