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‘Aattam’ Takes Top Honors at the 47th Kerala Film Critics Awards

The silver screen of Kerala shimmered with the announcements of the 47th Kerala Film Critics Awards, honoring the creative endeavors that adorned the cinemas in the past year. The ceremony was conducted seamlessly, bringing together the stalwarts of the industry under one roof to celebrate cinematic excellence. The highlight of the event was the film ‘Aattam,’ which garnered the prestigious accolade of best film, thereby affirming its unassailable prominence among last year’s releases.

Anand Ekarshi, the mastermind behind the lauded picture, was recognized as the best director, integral to ‘Aattam’s’ meteoric rise that enthralled audiences and critics alike. The movie not only showcased a captivating narrative but also demonstrated a tapestry of cultural authenticity and innovative filmmaking that resonated powerfully with the ethos of Kerala’s film industry.

The best actor (male) award saw a tie, with Biju Menon delivering a nuanced performance in ‘Garudan’ and Vijayaraghavan captivating hearts with his role in ‘Pookkaalam.’ It was a testament to their exemplary skill in portraying complex characters that left a lasting impression on moviegoers. Both actors, through their impeccable artistry, reinforced their standing as leading figures in the industry.

Equally, the best actor (female) honor was shared between Zarin Shihab for her stirring portrayal in ‘Aattam’ and Shivada, whose performance in ‘Jawanum Mullappoovum’ garnered critical acclaim. These leading ladies lit up the screen with performances that offered depth, emotion, and a profound understanding of their craft.

Not to be overlooked, ‘Thadavu’ directed by Fazil Razack was proclaimed as the second best film. Razack’s directorial prowess also earned him the second best director award, showcasing a strong directorial vision and narrative grace. It reflected the Jury’s discerning taste and commitment to acknowledging the variegated landscape of storytelling that Kerala cinema has to offer.

In the supporting actor categories, Kalabhavan Shajohn (for ‘Ithuvare’ and ‘Aattam’), Shane Nigam (for ‘RDX’ and ‘Vela’), and KPAC Leela (for ‘Pookkaalam’ and ‘Poovu’) secured their wins with versatile performances that served as key narrative pillars in their respective films.

The craft of a film is also sculpted on the editing table and through the wrote word, where V.C.Abhilash won the best screenplay accolade for ‘Pan Indian Story,’ and Appu Bhattathiri was celebrated as the best film editor for ‘Rani: The Real Story.’ Their wins recognized the behind-the-scenes artistry that is essential to filmmaking.

‘RDX’ and ‘Garudan’ shared the limelight as the best popular film—a category that appreciates the audience’s choice and the commercial success a movie enjoys.

The critical decisions on these honors fell upon a jury led with distinction by association president George Onakkur and members Thekkinkad Joseph, Aravindan Vallachira, Murali Kottaikkakam, and A. Chandrasekhar, all of whom brought years of experience to the table.

The event also celebrated lifetime achievements and outstanding contributions to the industry. Sreenivasan, an actor, scenarist, and filmmaker of tremendous repute, was conferred with the Chalachitra Retnam Lifetime Achievement Award, while actors Mukesh, Premkumar, Suhasini, film editor Bina Paul, and producer Kireedom Unni were honored with the Chalachitra Prathibha Awards for their distinguished talents.

A special mention was reserved for ‘Kurinji,’ directed by Gireesh Kunnummel, which took home the accolade for best tribal language film, highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusivity within the cinematic landscape.

Armo secured the best cinematographer award for his work in ‘Anchakkallakokkan,’ further accentuating the multifaceted talent pool that participated in this year’s prestigious awards.

As the curtain drew on this illustrious celebration, the Kerala Film Critics Awards not only reaffirmed its commitment to honor the artistic vision and cultural richness of Malayalam cinema but also set a benchmark for another year of promising and incredible filmmaking.