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“Aavesham” Hits The Screens with a Comedic Bang as Sajin Gopu Delivers a Stellar Performance

The Malayalam cinema landscape is buzzing with excitement as the latest gangster comedy film, “Aavesham,” parades onto screens, with none other than the charismatic Fahadh Faasil commanding the lead role. Audiences are swept off their feet by his portrayal of Ranga, a caricature don who is both lovably eccentric and alarmingly sharp. While Fahadh spellbinds the crowd, it’s Sajin Gopu, enacting Ranga’s right-hand man, the quirky Ambaan, who steals an equal share of the spotlight.

The on-screen chemistry between the two is palpable, and their combined antics have sparked a wave of laughter in theatres. In an exclusive interview, Sajin shares the infectious joy he’s experienced, revealing he’s watched the film half a dozen times amid echoing audience guffaws. For an actor who typically refrains from replaying his own films, Sajin admits that “Aavesham” possesses an undeniable allure rooted in its eventful and captivating storyline.

Contemporary hilarity meets nostalgic artistry as “Aavesham” unfolds in Bengaluru, tracking three engineering students seeking a formidable gangster to enact their vengeance against bullying seniors. The students stumble upon Ranga, splendidly garbed in white and decked out in gold, parading around with his gang. But it’s Ambaan, the heavyweight subordinate, who dominates the battleground and simultaneously tickles the viewers with humorous, almost mythical tales of Ranga’s past.

Embodying Ambaan presented Sajin with no precedent; the character’s distinct look was meticulously designed by Jithu Madhavan, the director, who took inspiration from Vikraman of the iconic Vikraman-Muthu duo from the Malayalam comic strip series Mayavi. Sajin recalls the audience’s surprising recognition of the character’s resemblance to Vikraman. Transforming into Ambaan entailed gaining weight and training rigorously for fight sequences, a challenge that Sajin enthusiastically embraced.

Reflecting on his creative process, Sajin appreciated Jithu’s directorial approach, which provided ample space for personal interpretation of Ambaan. Still, such flexibility came with its own intricacies. Achieving the perfect balance in his performance was likened to walking a tightrope; tipping too far into comedy could have easily led to a critical fall. Sajin reveals Jithu’s careful orchestration of the characters’ energy to maintain equilibrium between Ranga’s and Ambaan’s individual loudness and subtlety.

Sharing the screen with Fahadh, an actor held in the highest esteem, introduced a different set of hurdles. The spontaneous improvisation that Fahadh brought to the set required Sajin to consistently up his game, a novelty in his acting career. The duo’s synergy is particularly poignant in scenes of emotional depth, where Ranga faces personal crisis, offering glimpses of the character’s multifaceted personality.

Hailing from Aluva, near Kochi, Sajin’s acting journey began post-graduation, initially veering off from his path of academia and employment. The stage lured him in, and secretive auditions ensued, marking the onset of Sajin’s ardor for acting, a flame kindled by early struggles and rejections.

His cinematic voyage saw a mix of short-lived roles that went unnoticed, prompting a career intermission. But fate had a different script in store, as friends’ recommendations led him to notable parts in films by Lijo Jose Pellissery and Chidambaram. Eventually, director-producer John Paul George cast him in Jithu’s debut horror comedy “Romancham” (2023), marking a turning point in his career.

Despite looming typecasts in comic, rugged roles, Sajin embraced the opportunity in “Aavesham” without hesitation, recognizing the door to success it represented. Yet the actor isn’t one to shun versatility; he voices his disappointment at missing out on certain serious parts and hints at an upcoming project featuring an intense character alongside Basil Joseph.

Avidly admiring the legendary Malayalam actor Murali, Sajin aspires to emulate performances akin to actors like Vinayakan and Tamil star SJ Suryah. On the writing front, he’s penned compelling life episodes with the anticipation of adapting them to the screen someday. As for the present, he’s wholeheartedly devoted to perfecting his craft as an actor.

“Aavesham” has indisputably become the talk of Mollywood, thanks largely to Sajin Gopu’s exemplary portrayal. Whether eliciting laughter or compelling drama, his performance underscores the rising trajectory of his thrilling career.