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Acclaimed Composer Jakes Bejoy Joins Mohanlal’s Milestone 360th Film Project ‘L360’

In a landmark collaboration for Malayalam cinema, renowned composer Jakes Bejoy has been officially signed on to score the music for legendary actor Mohanlal’s 360th film, currently known by its working title, L360. This milestone project, which is generating significant buzz within the industry, saw its production team turn to social media to make the announcement, much to the delight of fans and industry insiders alike.

In a move that underscores the film’s high-profile nature, not only was the musical maestro’s involvement highlighted, but the production house also revealed that editor Nishadh Yusuf and sound designer Vishnu Govind are set to lend their expertise to the film. This news was disseminated via social media, along with promotional posters that were met with enthusiasm and shared widely across various platforms.

L360 is set to be a reunion of sorts for Mohanlal and the esteemed actress Shobana, marking their 56th film together and their first collaboration in 20 years, promising a revival of an iconic on-screen partnership. Directing this much-anticipated film is Tharun Moorthy, whose previous works, including “Operation Java” and “Saudi Vellakka,” have earned him critical acclaim and a strong reputation for storytelling excellence. Moorthy, alongside KR Sunil, is also responsible for penning the script of L360, heightening expectations for a narrative that is as engaging as it is entertaining.

Under the banner of Rejaputhra Vishal Media, L360 is being produced with the promise of delivering quality cinema. The collaboration of such an accomplished team is a testament to the ambitious vision of the film and its potential impact on the Malayalam film industry.

Mohanlal, who is undeniably one of the titans of Indian cinema, particularly within the Malayalam film sector, remains a highly active and influential figure. Having appeared most recently in Lijo Jose Pellissery’s “Malaikottai Vaaliban,” he is currently connected to an impressive slate of diverse and intriguing projects.

Audiences can expect to see him in the forthcoming Netflix anthology film “Olavum Theeravum,” as well as in the Jeethu Joseph-directed “Ram.” Fans are also eagerly anticipating the sequel to the hit film “Lucifer,” titled “Empuraan,” which will continue the story of the first film’s captivating world. Furthermore, Mohanlal’s involvement in Vishnu Manchu’s project “Kannappa,” Nanda Kishore’s Kannada film “Vrushabha,” Joshiy’s “Rambaan,” and notably, his debut as a director with “Barroz,” showcases his versatility and unwavering commitment to his craft.

The announcement of Bejoy’s involvement in L360 adds another layer of anticipation among cinemagoers eager to witness the synergy between Mohanlal’s commanding screen presence and Bejoy’s musical prowess. This combination is expected to deliver an immersive cinematic experience that taps into the emotive core of the film’s narrative.

Malayalam cinema, which has been producing a series of compelling and critically acclaimed films, continues to push boundaries and expand its reach among domestic and international audiences. With projects like L360 on the horizon, the industry reinforces its standing as a powerhouse of talent and innovation within Indian cinema. As these creative forces come together, the eagerness and excitement for L360 continue to build, setting the stage for what could be one of the most memorable cinematic offerings of the year. With its distinguished team, the film promises to be a milestone in the careers of both Mohanlal and Jakes Bejoy and a noteworthy addition to the rich tapestry of Malayalam and Indian cinema.