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An Oasis for Writers: Write Club Hyderabad Builds a Thriving Literary Community

On a breezy Saturday afternoon, a group of 30 writers, ranging in age from 10 to 68, gather at Aaromale in Film Nagar for the biweekly meet-up of Write Club Hyderabad, the largest community for and by writers in the city. This dedicated group assembles between 2pm and 5pm to partake in a variety of structured activities: from a short warm-up exercise to a more immersive, long-form writing session centered around a pre-decided theme. The session culminates in a vibrant read-aloud segment, where writers share their work, and it concludes with a collective peer review.

The mastermind behind this burgeoning initiative, Sravanthi Talluri, embarked on this journey on a similar Saturday afternoon in 2015 at Lamakaan in Banjara Hills. What initially saw a modest gathering of 9 to 10 individuals has since evolved into a nurturing haven for literary minds across Hyderabad. “Our mission was to create a supportive and symbiotic community to facilitate a writer’s journey,” Sravanthi reflects. “In the past nine years, the writers who first joined us at their nascent stages are now published authors.”

Since its inception, Write Club Hyderabad has organized close to 600 meet-ups and has proudly published four anthologies — “Of Blood and Ink,” “Encounters,” “3 PM Tales,” and “The Lamp-Lit Parchments” — featuring an array of stories crafted by its participants over the years. Additionally, the club has hosted writing workshops catering to children and has been an active participant in the Hyderabad Literary Festival’s 2022 edition.

The organizational team expanded to include Aditya Undru, Shiv Bansal, and P. Sai Tej Kumar alongside Sravanthi. Notably, the club’s outreach thrives primarily on word-of-mouth and the occasional social media announcement. “Our club’s presence on Instagram has significantly raised awareness. Hyderabad is rich in culture and home to a bevy of writers, always in search of stimulating activities. Many of our participants become our ambassadors, helping spread the word about the club. There is no registration fee or financial profit involved; writers can simply walk in and join the community with no barriers around age, language, or writing format,” Sravanthi adds.

Professional writer Shiv Bansal, associated with the club since 2017, recounts his own transformative experience, “When I began writing, I had no formal academic background or training. I desperately sought a community of writers.

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. Through this club, I honed my skills and found writing opportunities, which were instrumental in building my career. Now, as one of the organizers, I aim to help other aspiring writers kickstart their journeys.”

Write Club Hyderabad is more than just a platform for enhancing writing skills; it offers a sanctuary for those who often feel isolated in their craft. “Participants provide each other with feedback, fostering an environment of collective growth without imposing singular judgments. This distinguishes our club from traditional writing classes. It is a self-sustained community that encourages open dialogue, helping writers to break through creative blocks or other hurdles,” says Sravanthi, emphasizing the collaborative essence of the club.

Twenty-three-year-old software engineer Bhargavi, who has been a regular attendee for over a year, highlights the eclectic mix of writers the club brings together. “We have students, screenwriters, journalists, copywriters, and individuals from various industries, all passionate about writing. Writing amidst around 30 different writers, each approaching the craft uniquely, helps you transcend your own peripheral view of your work and the art itself,” she says.

Indeed, sessions at Write Club Hyderabad are marked by a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect. The diversity in age and background among its members creates a fertile ground for innovative and inclusive discussions. This melting pot of perspectives enriches each writer’s journey, inspiring them to explore uncharted territories in their literary pursuits.

Tapping into Hyderabad’s rich cultural tapestry, Write Club has become an invaluable asset to the city’s literary scene. In a world where virtual interactions often overshadow face-to-face engagement, this community underscores the importance of human connection. By fostering a collaborative environment, it has managed to create a space where writers can thrive both individually and collectively.

Write Club Hyderabad stands as a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives in nurturing talent and sparking creativity. As the club continues to grow and evolve, it remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting writers of all ages and backgrounds, making it a cornerstone of Hyderabad’s literary culture.