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Armaan Malik’s Provocative Antics Stir Up Tensions in Bigg Boss OTT House

The latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT 3 has taken the house rivalry to a new level, with Armaan Malik and Vishal Pandey as the central figures in the escalating conflict. The two contestants have been at each other’s throats since a dramatic slap incident, and the tension has only grown fiercer.

Armaan Malik’s behavior towards Vishal Pandey has become increasingly provocative. In a recent episode, Armaan was seen making derogatory remarks about Vishal’s family and unleashing a barrage of offensive comments aimed directly at the YouTuber. The situation reached a boiling point when Armaan suggested that Vishal should “turn into a girl,” calling him “Vishali,” and even went as far as to suggest that Vishal wear a salwar suit. Such inflammatory comments led to deep consternation in the house, particularly among viewers and fellow contestants.

The drama intensified when actor and housemate Ranveer Shorey intervened, asking Armaan to lower his aggressiveness and to sit separately to cool off. Despite Ranveer’s attempts to mediate, Armaan continued to hurl insults at Vishal. The altercation escalated to the point where the two contestants were exchanging personal jabs and calling each other derogatory names like “chamche” (sycophant). Armaan further aggravated the situation by repeatedly calling Vishal “Saasu Maa” (mother-in-law), which led to Vishal sarcastically retorting that Armaan should carry on with his tattling.

Armaan’s relentless taunting is not just about personal animosity; there’s a strategic angle to it. According to some insights shared on social media, Armaan supposedly received a boost from the Bigg Boss OTT 3 team after the slap incident involving Vishal. Not only did he avoid eviction, but he was also rewarded with a one-lakh-rupee cheque. Speculation is rife that Armaan is deliberately trying to push Vishal to the edge, hoping to incite another physical confrontation and earn further rewards.

This theory is bolstered by prominent social media voices. For instance, Lady Khabri, a well-known Bigg Boss commentator, tweeted, “Armaan Malik got the boost by Bigg Boss OTT 3 team for slapping Vishal Pandey. Not only did he just get evicted, but he got awarded 1 Lakh rupees cheque. That’s why he is poking Vishal as he wants to slap Vishal again & get more rewards.”

Parallel to the feud between Armaan and Vishal, there are other fractures forming within the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house. Kritika Malik, associated closely with Armaan, has been embroiled in verbal battles with other housemates. Recently, she was seen clashing fiercely with Sana Makbul.

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. Their confrontation was notable for its intensity, with Kritika bluntly telling Sana that no one in the house could be considered her friend, except for her husband. This altercation has added another layer of complexity to the already volatile house dynamic.

Social media buzz also highlights this tension. Anuj Prajapati, another Bigg Boss enthusiast, tweeted, “Sana Makbul gave it back to Kritika Malik. The Malik Family is the Villain of the House.” The hashtag #SanaKeSitare has been trending, with many viewers praising Sana for standing her ground against Kritika.

The continuing confrontations have made Armaan and Kritika the focal points of much of the house’s drama. They seem to have adopted an antagonistic strategy, engaging in conflicts with almost every other contestant. This approach might be serving to isolate them from the rest of the house, but it undoubtedly keeps the spotlight on them.

In another notable interaction, Armaan taunted Vishal with the phrase, “Jabtak hun yaha nominate hun. Tujhe chaatne ki zaroorat hai. Dhang se chaat.” Vishal’s comeback of “Ok fine. Jao tum chugliyaan karo saasu maa,” added fuel to the fire. This exchange underscored how personal their battle has become, with both parties refusing to back down.

Though the house is sharply divided, the public’s interest is piqued. Viewers are keenly watching every episode, waiting to see if the animosity will lead to another explosive confrontation or a surprising reconciliation. Comments and tweets flood in, dissecting each contestant’s actions and predicting the outcomes.

Bigg Boss OTT 3 has always thrived on its ability to develop high-stakes drama, and the current rivalry between Armaan Malik and Vishal Pandey promises to keep audiences hooked. With every passing episode, the tension mounts, and so does the anticipation for whatever twists and turns lie ahead in this high-octane reality show.