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Art without Boundaries: Nupur Kundu’s Celebration of Color

“The mountain doesn’t necessarily have to be brown,” declares artist Nupur Kundu, alluding to the vivid inspiration that brought to life her avant-garde Vibgyor Scape series. The artwork, a captivating 70-piece grid, transcends traditional landscapes with its vibrant colors that ripple dynamically across the canvas. These paintings draw their essence from an unmistakable influence—the unfettered spontaneity inherent in children. Kundu, whose experience as an art educator during the COVID-19 pandemic played a pivotal role in shaping her outlook, recalls how children’s preference for unorthodox color schemes nudged her own creativity. Watching them venture beyond the ordinary spectrum pushed her to explore unconventional artistic avenues.

Nupur Kundu’s illustrious career, spanning over three decades, reaches a new milestone with her solo exhibition, Hues and Scapes, gracing the esteemed Dhoomimal Gallery. Each piece in this exhibition is a testament to her long-standing affair with color, tone, and texture. The exhibition has been meticulously curated by Uday Jain, featuring seven distinct series, inclusive of three novel creations. Each series weaves a common narrative—breaking free from the shackles of traditional modes of expression and embracing a limitless horizon of artistic possibilities.

Among Kundu’s latest creations is the ‘Mosaic Scapes,’ which stands in harmony with the theme of abstract values. This mixed-media masterpiece conveys a fluid abstract landscape crafted in oil, juxtaposed beautifully with the tactile finesse of ceramic mosaic tiles. The tiles adorn the canvas’s borders, dismantling the conventional frame, urging the beholder to gaze beyond a predefined scope. Kundu elucidates that these ceramic pieces are not merely decorative; they facilitate an almost organic transition from the velvety oil hues to the tangible majesty of the mosaic artistry.

A divergence from primary colors manifests elegantly in her ‘Pastellum Scape Series,’ where moving patterns of color graduate into pastel shades imparting tranquility throughout the artwork. This series, consisting of nine canvases, invites viewers into a dreamscape brimming with compositional buoyancy. Spanning from the fiery embrace of warm reds to the serene cradle of cool blues, the pastel hues within these pieces merge seamlessly and stir a spectrum of sentiments. “Soft hues blend seamlessly to evoke a dreamlike, tranquil atmosphere; this series is a visual poem, a soothing journey through a palette of muted tones evoking calm and introspection,” Kundu reflects on her work.

In addition to these fresh offerings, the exhibition showcases Kundu’s legacy through series such as ‘Earth Scape,’ ‘Bloom Scape,’ ‘Red Scape,’ and ‘Palette Scape.’ Each series unveils aspects of her evolutionary artistic journey. Coinciding with the showcase, Kundu released a book chronicling her aesthetic voyage across three decades. She reflects on this culmination, hinting at a creative catharsis that compelled her to consolidate her life’s work into a single narrative.

Nupur Kundu’s Hues and Scapes will continue to be displayed at Dhoomimal Gallery, nestled in the heart of Connaught Place, till May 24, inviting art aficionados to partake in viewing hours from 11 am to 7 pm. It stands as a colorful testament to the belief that art is boundless and that true creativity flourishes when traditions give way to innovative expression.