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Battle of Words: Samantha Ruth Prabhu vs. The Liver Doc

The escalating war of words between Indian actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Dr. Cyriac Abby Philips, widely known as The Liver Doc on social media, has taken the internet by storm. The heated exchange began when Prabhu shared a controversial post on her social media platforms, making broad medical recommendations that sparked significant backlash from the medical community.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, a celebrated figure in the Indian entertainment industry, recently shared a picture of herself and advised her followers to nebulize “with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water” instead of taking conventional medication for viral infections. The advice immediately drew attention, not for its potential health benefits, but for its potential dangers.

Dr. Cyriac Abby Philips, a prominent figure in the medical community, especially known for his expertise in hepatology, did not hold back in his response. The Liver Doc, as he is popularly known on social media, retaliated by sharing a cautionary post from The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. The foundation explicitly warns against the use of hydrogen peroxide in nebulization, citing serious health risks. Dr. Philips’ comment was particularly scathing: “In a scientifically progressive society, this woman will be put behind bars.” His words highlighted the gravity he attributed to what he considered misinformation being spread by a public figure.

Samantha Prabhu, currently battling Myositis, a rare autoimmune disease, defended her stance with a lengthy note. She described her journey through various treatments, citing “trial and error” as a method to find promising solutions for her condition. Prabhu emphasized that the doctor’s response could have been more compassionate. “He could have been kind,” she stated, suggesting that dialogue over condemnation could have been a more constructive approach.

The feud quickly polarized opinions on social media, with both fans and celebrities picking sides. Followers of Prabhu rallied to her defense, expressing sympathy for her ongoing health struggles and commending her for sharing her personal experiences. On the other hand, the medical community, along with a significant number of netizens, sided with Dr. Philips, stressing the importance of adhering to scientifically verified medical advice, especially during a time when medical misinformation can have dire consequences.

Amidst this controversy, other figures from the entertainment world have also been in the news. Aditya Narayan, a versatile singer, lent his voice for the track “Awargi” in the new web series “Raisinghani vs Raisinghani.

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.” Musician Nikhil Kamath, who recruited Narayan for the project, praised his dedication and talent, recounting how thoroughly prepared Narayan was for the recording. The series delves into the complex relationships between characters Anushka, portrayed by Jennifer Winget, and Virat, played by Karan Wahi, along with roles by Reem Sheikh and Vivan Bhathena.

In a completely unrelated but equally high-profile news, pop sensation Justin Bieber made headlines as he arrived in India for the second time to perform at the sangeet ceremony of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant. Bieber’s last visit to India was in 2017 for his concert tour, and this time, rumors suggest that the superstar is being paid a staggering $10 million for his performance. The event will also feature renowned international artists like Adele, Drake, and Lana Del Rey. Bieber, famous for tracks like “Love Yourself,” “Intention,” and “Peaches,” was seen at Mumbai’s Kalina airport, surrounded by local authorities and his team.

Meanwhile, in the realm of Hollywood, actor Hugh Jackman, set to appear in the much-anticipated superhero movie “Deadpool & Wolverine,” revealed in a joint interview with co-star Ryan Reynolds that Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma is his favorite. Jackman, who described Sharma as “a beast,” expressed his deep appreciation for cricket and joy at India’s recent T20 World Cup victory. “Deadpool & Wolverine,” produced by Marvel Studios, is on track for a July 26 release.

Back in India, Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan added his voice to the chorus of praise for the Indian cricket team upon their return from the West Indies, having captured the T20 World Cup. Khan took to social media to convey his heartfelt congratulations to the squad led by Rohit Sharma. His message articulated a sense of national pride and joy: “Seeing the boys so happy and emotional fills my heart with pride. As Indians, this is such an amazing moment for us; to see our boys take us to such great heights! Love you all, my Team India.”

Virat Kohli, fresh from the celebratory parade in Mumbai, attracted attention as he jetted off to London to reunite with his wife, Anushka Sharma, and their children, Akaay and Vamika. Fans had mixed reactions; while some playfully suggested he take a break, others admired his family dedication. Comments ranged from “Rest lele thoda, bhai” to “Virat bhai ko thakhan nahi hota,” reflecting the affection and concern of his supporters.

In the film industry, director Nag Ashwin has announced that the second installment of his blockbuster “Kalki 2898 AD” will feature a spectacular showdown between stars Prabhas, Amitabh Bachchan, and Kamal Haasan. Ashwin revealed that though they have already shot for 25-30 days, a substantial amount of work remains. “It’s almost like a whole new production that’s going to start,” he remarked. In this highly anticipated film, Bachchan portrays Ashwatthama, an immortal character from the Indian epic Mahabharata.

The week has indeed been eventful across various spheres, highlighting a blend of controversies, accomplishments, and celebrations, each capturing public imagination in its unique way.