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Bengaluru Set for an Electrifying Weekend with Indie Grrrl Performances and Australian Band Karnivool

Bengaluru is gearing up for an exhilarating weekend as it opens its arms to a medley of indie performances and a thrilling international act. Three highly anticipated events are scheduled to captivate the city’s music enthusiasts. The lineup includes the Indie Grrrl initiative, the eclectic Jingle Land festival, and the much-awaited appearance of Australian progressive rock band Karnivool.

June 8, 8 pm onwards
The Raft, Koramangala
Tickets: ₹499, via Skillboxes.com

The weekend kicks off with the Indie Grrrl showcase, a movement that finds its roots in the indie culture of the US and Europe during the 1980s. The initiative is aimed at fostering independent female artists in India, bringing together singer-songwriter and producer Sanoli Chowdhury, singer-songwriter Sahana Naresh, and singer-producer Yuhina. These three accomplished Bengaluru-based artists are set to ignite a new movement in the Indian music scene.

Sanoli Chowdhury is set to perform amidst great anticipation, eager to not only deliver an evocative performance but also to generate buzz around her upcoming music videos and a live performance single born out of the Indie Grrrl shows. Sahana Naresh will be drawing attention with her recently released bilingual folk-electronic song, ‘Raat Kate,’ created in collaboration with producer Nirmit Shah. Adding to the excitement, Yuhina will be presenting tracks from her debut EP, ‘Mnemonic’.

The Indie Grrrl team expressed their collective vision in a press release: “Our aim with this brand is to create an independent female artists’ movement in India. We will coordinate, share, and help each other further our careers and also learn to lobby our interests with national music organizations. We aim to create self-help with social media platforms that will keep us informed and help us to promote various events, such as Indie Grrrl — all-female tours, one-off concerts, festivals, and meetings.”

As the rain-soaked season arrives, Jingle Land festival is ready to defy the odds with an ambitious day-long celebration on June 8 starting at 3 pm. The event is set to be held at Phoenix Market City, Whitefield, with tickets priced at ₹899 for students, ₹999 for individual passes, ₹1,399 for the fan pit area, and ₹1,799 for couple passes.

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Among the headliners, the stage will light up with performances from Agam, a Carnatic fusion and rock-influenced band gearing up for their Australian tour. The festival also promises riveting performances from New Delhi rock veterans Parikrama, who have been quite prolific lately with their releases such as ‘Life Is Certain,’ ‘Demons of Time,’ and ‘Translucent Night.’ Bengaluru fusion band Lagori, Kerala’s Project Malabaricus led by Sithara Krishnakumar, the Malayalam hip-hop crew Street Academics, and Assam-based singer-songwriter Rahul Rajkhowa are also highlighted in the day’s lineup.

June 9, 8 pm onwards
Phoenix Market City, Whitefield
Tickets: ₹3,499 via Skillboxes.com

The crescendo of the weekend arrives with the performance of Australian progressive rock band Karnivool, marking their return to India since their first visit in 2011 following the release of their critically acclaimed album, Sound Awake. This performance, their first in Bengaluru as part of a tour dubbed the Tri Continental Drift Tour, adds to an international artist lineup in India’s bustling gig calendar.

In a heartfelt video message to fans shared via social media, vocalist Ian Kenny expressed his excitement: “India, we have missed you. We are back there on June 9 for our Tri Continental Drift Tour. Can’t wait to get there. Last time we were there, we had the best time, so let’s go again.” Their Bengaluru performance will be the fourth and final show in their India tour and marks the fifth time the band will be performing in the country.

Karnivool is set to share the stage with local alternative rock band My Conscience, who have garnered attention with their debut single ‘Confessions’ released late last year.

With these spectacular acts and initiatives coming together, Bengaluru’s music lovers are in for a superb weekend filled with diverse and dynamic performances. From fostering homegrown female talent to celebrating eclectic musical styles at Jingle Land and reveling in the energy of Karnivool’s progressive rock, the city is poised for an unforgettable musical journey. Be sure to grab your tickets and join in the celebration of artistry and talent this weekend!