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Bollywood Star Madhoo Open to the Challenge of Playing Ajay Devgn’s On-Screen Mother

The versatile Bollywood actress Madhoo has recently made headlines by expressing her openness to potentially play the role of her former co-star Ajay Devgn’s mother in a film, a significant shift from her earlier stance on the subject. Madhoo, known for her diverse performances in Hindi and South Indian films during the ’90s, discussed this possibility and shared her evolving perspective on acting in a candid interview with Zoom.

“That statement was taken out of context,” Madhoo explained, reflecting on her past comments. “I said if, hypothetically… I am correcting myself now because I have evolved as an actor. I made the statement 2-3 years ago, in some other context. In the 2-3 years, I have realized I have played many different roles.” She went on to describe her recent role as a celestial being alongside Samantha Ruth Prabhu in ‘Shakuntalam’, indicating how her recent experiences have broadened her approach to acting.

Madhoo emphasized the liberating changes in the industry, facilitated by the rise of streaming services and evolved storytelling, which have substantially diversified opportunities for actors. She acknowledges these developments as contributory factors to her newfound openness towards diverse and challenging roles.

“So, today I am thinking, as an actor,” she said, “if I do get a role where they say you have to look older than Ajay, and play his mother’s role, I would take it as a challenge. If I get a role where I have to play any yesteryear lead actor’s mother’s role, I would look at it as a challenge and not as a controversial or sexist conversation. Let me see if I am convincing.”

Madhoo’s illustrious career began with a bang in 1991 opposite Ajay Devgn in the film ‘Phool Aur Kante’, and she quickly rose to fame with her work in critically acclaimed and commercially successful movies including ‘Roja’, ‘Diljale’, ‘Hum Hain Bemisaal’, and ‘Elaan’. However, towards the end of the ’90s, she chose to step away from the limelight. Reflecting on this period, Madhoo revealed that she consciously decided to take a break as she sought more meaningful work than the romantic and dance-focused roles that were prevalent at the time.

During her hiatus, Madhoo contemplated the direction of her career and pursued her passion for artistic expression. She recognized her dissatisfaction with the limited scope of roles offered to her, particularly lamenting the stark contrast to the deep and engaging work of films like ‘Roja’.

In her comeback to the silver screen, Madhoo will feature in an upcoming thriller ‘Kartam Bhugtam’, starring alongside talents such as Shreyas Talpade and Vijay Raaz. The film promises to captivate audiences with its suspenseful plot and dynamic performances.

As an artist devoted to her craft, Madhoo’s willingness to embrace diverse roles serves as an inspiration to actors and actresses who may feel constrained by typecasting. Her journey through the decades in the film industry reflects both personal and professional growth, redefining her path in this evolving cinematic landscape. With her compelling narrative, Madhoo continues to shine as a potent force in Bollywood, eagerly awaiting roles that challenge her and resonate with the depth she has always sought.