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Bollywood Star Salman Khan Contemplates Permanent Relocation Following Security Scare

Bollywood actor Salman Khan is currently considering a permanent move to his Panvel farmhouse, claims a report. A recent gunfiring incident outside his house has triggered this decision.

In light of a terrifying gunfiring incident outside his Mumbai residence, Bollywood megastar Salman Khan is reportedly weighing the decision to take up permanent residence at his Panvel farmhouse. According to a Times Now report, the alarming event has left the actor and his family deeply unsettled, prompting the reconsideration of their living arrangements.

A source close to Khan confided to Times Now, stating, “Bhai as it is spends a lot of time on his farm. He loves being there. It is also close to his Bigg Boss shooting location. With his safety in the city being seriously jeopardized, Bhai is looking at moving to his farmhouse in Panvel permanently.”

Despite the unnerving circumstances, Salman Khan’s professional commitments continue unabated. The actor was recently seen attending a karate event in Dubai where he was invited as a guest. Stage footage that went viral online showed Khan indulging in the lively ambiance, swaying to the tunes of “Besharam Rang,” a song from Shah Rukh Khan’s recent movie “Pathaan,” in which Salman Khan himself has a special cameo appearance.

In another video that has captured the affection of Salman’s extensive fan base on social media, he is seen introducing Shahraan Dutt, son of fellow Bollywood icon Sanjay Dutt, to professional fighter Shahzaib Rind. This particular video has swiftly circulated, garnering considerable acclamation from viewers.

In response to the external threat directed at Khan, Mumbai police acted, naming jailed gangster Lawrence Bishnoi and his sibling Anmol Bishnoi as wanted in relation to the shooting incident. According to reports from the newswire PTI, suspects Vicky Gupta and Sagar Pal were apprehended earlier in the week, allegedly following instructions from the Bishnoi brothers. Lawrence is currently detained in Gujarat’s Sabarmati central prison for another case, while Anmol’s whereabouts are believed to be in Canada or the United States.

The seriousness of the threat Khan faces became evident when his security classification was upgraded to Y-Plus category in November 2022 due to menacing overtures from Lawrence Bishnoi and another gangster, Goldy Brar. Enhanced protective measures permit the actor to possess a personal firearm. Salman Khan has also invested in a new armored vehicle to bolster his safety as he navigates his day-to-day life threatened by these perils.

Due to Salman Khan’s celebrated status within Indian cinema and beyond, any risk to his personal security becomes a matter of nationwide concern, and these reports indicate a potential shift in lifestyle for the actor, motivated by his imperative need for safety. This development could see one of Bollywood’s most recognizable faces retreat from the bustling metropolis of Mumbai to the quieter surroundings of his Panvel sanctuary, seeking refuge from the relentless hazards that prominence can sometimes attract. As the investigation into the firing incident progresses, fans and admirers of Salman Khan eagerly await further details and express their support for his well-being during these turbulent times.