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Brad Pitt Stars as High-Octane Driver in New ‘F1’ Teaser Trailer

Apple and Warner Bros. have just unveiled the highly anticipated teaser trailer for the upcoming film F1, starring Brad Pitt. A full year ahead of its slated release date on June 25, 2025, this early glimpse into the movie already has fans and critics buzzing. Lauded for its director, Joseph Kosinski, who previously delivered cinematic thrills with Top Gun: Maverick, F1 aims to elevate the genre of racing films to new heights.

In this first teaser, Pitt takes on the role of an F1 driver whose life revolves around the adrenaline and danger inherent in the world of Formula 1 racing. Sharing the screen with Kerry Condon, who plays his engineer, the trailer showcases an intense and thought-provoking dialogue between the two characters. “We need to build our car for combat,” Brad Pitt’s character states emphatically, signaling an aggressive and competitive strategy focused more on outperforming rivals than adhering to safety protocols. Condon’s engineer character voices her concerns about this risky approach, to which Pitt retorts provocatively, “Who said anything about safe?”

The teaser’s production is a testament to authenticity, featuring real-time shots at actual Grand Prix weekends. This commitment to realism promises audiences a dynamic and visceral experience, heightened by the energetic soundtrack of Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You.’ While the teaser provides a heart-pounding glimpse into the world of high-stakes racing, it ends on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers eager for more.

Brad Pitt, ever-dedicated to his craft, recently resumed filming scenes at the British Grand Prix, fully decked out in authentic racing gear, according to Deadline. This move underscores the film’s commitment to authenticity and adds a layer of gravitas to Pitt’s already impressive repertoire.

From a financial standpoint, F1 represents a considerable investment for Apple, which acquired the film package for a hefty sum estimated between $130-140 million, even before considering talent fees. This significant expenditure indicates high expectations from both critics and audiences alike.

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. Assembling a distinguished and diverse cast, the film features talents such as Damson Idris, Javier Bardem, Tobias Menzies, Sarah Niles, Kim Bodnia, and Samson Kayo, alongside the dynamic duo of Pitt and Condon.

The crew behind F1 is no less illustrious than its cast. Directed by Joseph Kosinski, who is also heavily involved in the production, the film is bolstered by the expertise of industry giants like Jerry Bruckheimer, Chad Oman, Plan B Entertainment’s Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner, and racing champion Lewis Hamilton’s Dawn Apollo Films. This all-star production team ensures that the film is deeply rooted in the world of Formula 1, with unprecedented access to various teams, drivers, and race promoters.

For enthusiasts of English and global cinema, F1 presents an exciting fusion of drama, technology, and raw speed. The painstaking attention to detail—ranging from the high-octane racing sequences shot at real speed to the collaborative endeavor involving seasoned filmmakers and real-life racing professionals—makes F1 a film to watch out for in 2025.

Furthermore, the dialogue in the teaser hints at deep, underlying themes of risk, ambition, and the cost of glory in the world of elite motorsport. Pitt and Condon’s characters capture the dual essence of Formula 1: the unyielding quest for victory and the constant battle against the perils that come with high-speed racing.

With such a strong and promising foundation, expectations are soaring for F1. Directed by Kosinski, whose previous work on Top Gun: Maverick revitalized and defined a genre, and starring Brad Pitt in what promises to be a riveting performance, the film is set to bring a new level of excitement and drama to the portrayal of Formula 1 racing on screen.

Stay tuned as more details emerge and the final release date draws nearer. For now, fans can only imagine the full-throttle excitement that awaits in the world of F1, as teased by this initial trailer. The film has all the ingredients to become a monumental success, capturing the hearts of racing enthusiasts and cinema lovers alike.