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Canine Star of Silver Screen to Charm Television Viewers

The entertainment industry is abuzz with anticipation as Messi, the charismatic canine actor who garnered acclaim in the award-winning film “Anatomy of a Fall,” is set to captivate audiences once more with his own television series. Slated for a unique debut during the prestigious 2024 Cannes Film Festival, the series, produced by D18 Paris, is an unconventional homage to the world-famous event, bringing spectators a novel perspective from the viewpoint of four-legged charisma.

“While not a part of the festival’s official program, this short-form series promises to offer viewers a behind-the-scenes experience of the Cannes Film Festival as never seen before,” a spokesperson from D18 Paris proclaimed with evident excitement. “Messi: The Cannes Festival Seen from a Dog’s Point of View” will deliver eight distinct one-minute-long episodes. These bite-sized installments are scheduled to air each day from May 13 through to the festival’s conclusion on May 25, gracing multiple French television networks with their premiere.

Drawing viewers into the world of cinema from the crack of dawn until the small hours, the series invites them to glimpse the illustrious Cannes Film Festival through the “eyes and voice” of Messi—a seven-year-old French Border Collie whose charm and talent have earned him comparisons to the human screen luminary George Clooney. “With the innocence of a dog and the curiosity ignited by stardom, Messi will dare to ask his guests anything,” the production house teased, setting expectations for an engaging and candid series.

The brainchild behind this ingenious concept, Tim Newman, will steer the project as its producer. The series, penned by the talented Raphael Mezrahi who also lends his vocal artistry to give voice to Messi, is directed by Loic Pourageaux. Completing the team responsible for Messi’s magnetic on-screen presence is Laura Martin, acclaimed trainer and owner of the canine star.

Social media giant TikTok, ever-present in expanding its reach into various entertainment sectors, is announced to be the sponsor of the upcoming series. This partnership signals the increasing interconnectivity of platforms and the broad recognition of cross-media appeal.

Messi’s captivating role as the guide dog Snoop in “Anatomy of a Fall” under the direction of Justine Triet, with actress Sandra Huller in the lead role, was not his only claim to fame. He was the proud recipient of the Palm Dog Award—an unofficial yet coveted laurel that commends the best performance by a dog at Cannes—an accolade befitting the performance in the same film that took home the Palme d’Or, Cannes’ highest honor.

The canine star’s profile has soared beyond the silver screen; Messi’s attendance at the Oscars earlier in the year made headlines, though it was later revealed by host Jimmy Kimmel that the dog did not stay through the entire ceremony.

Cannes, internationally renowned for its celebration of cinematic achievements, will inaugurate its 77th festival on May 14, and with Messi’s upcoming series, it offers another compelling reason for film aficionados and dog lovers alike to tune in.

The television foray is not merely a promotional stint. It represents a seamless blend of storytelling, the enchanting draw of animal stardom, and a fresh take on an illustrious event. As the world of cinema continues to evolve, embracing new narratives and formats, Messi’s series stands testament to the ongoing innovation and allure that keep audiences engaged and, indeed, eager for more.