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Celebrating Maternal Bonds: A List of Heartwarming Films to Watch with Mom on Mother’s Day

New Delhi: When it comes to the heart of the family unit, mothers are often considered the indispensable core, juggling the roles of caregiver, confidante, and sometimes, provider. Their presence is so vital that a home often feels barren without their touch. As Mother’s Day approaches, highlighting the significance of this relationship is more important than ever. It’s a time to honor these incredible women and acknowledge their endless love and tireless support. This year, Lionsgate Play steps in to enhance the Mother’s Day experience by curating a selection of films that celebrate the extraordinary bond between mothers and their children. Their lineup promises to bring together families for a day filled with emotion, laughter, and, most importantly, shared memories.

“Wonder” touches the soul with the story of August, a courageous fifth-grader born with a facial deformity. The plot navigates his challenges with relentless bullying and the profound journey toward self-acceptance. The strength he gains from his parents and his friends empowers him to confront his detractors with dignity. This powerful tale is brought to life by impressive performances from Owen Wilson, Julia Roberts, and Jacob Trembley. Their on-screen chemistry beautifully encapsulates the resilience and beauty of the parent-child relationship.

For a lighter, yet no less meaningful exploration of family, “Hiccups & Hookups” introduces viewers to the lives of recently divorced mother Vasudha and her teenage daughter Kay. Navigating the chaotic world of dating and life’s twists and turns, they find an anchor in each other and in Vasudha’s younger brother, Akhil. Portrayed by Lara Dutta and Prateik Babbar, they illuminate the screen with their playful rapport, effortlessly illustrating the unbreakable nature of familial ties.

The exploration of love and culture takes a front seat in “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” where Lily James’s character Zoe Stevenson delves into the traditions and intricate sentiments of arranged marriages. Through her lens as a filmmaker, she documents the matrimonial journey of her Pakistani neighbor and best friend, Kaz, offering a fresh perspective on love that transcends borders. Directed by the talented Shekhar Kapur, the film stars prominent figures such as Shabana Azmi and Emma Thompson, who aid in constructing a narrative that’s as enlightening as it is heartwarming.

Mother’s Day festivities wouldn’t be complete without a dash of thrilling action. “Gunpowder Milkshake” delivers punch-packed sequences with a star-studded cast featuring Karen Gillan, Lena Headey, Michelle Yeoh, Angela Bassett, and Carla Gugino. The film’s pulse-pounding plot follows assassin Sam, as she confronts the perils of her job gone awry, turning to her estranged mother for help. Together, they embark on a desperate fight to protect an innocent child, underlining the fierce protectiveness and deep bonds shared between mothers and daughters.

As these narratives unfold on screen, they remind us of the countless ways that mothers shape our lives. From the sheltered spaces of intimate family dramas to the grand, explosive backdrops of action-packed flicks, the essence of motherhood is omnipresent. These films, curated with care and consideration, are more than just entertainment. They are an invitation for sons and daughters to not only spend quality time with their mothers but also to reflect on the countless sacrifices made and the unconditional love given.

So this Mother’s Day, Lionsgate Play encourages families to create new memories and reinforce existing bonds with a watchlist that’s as diverse as it is touching. Whether it leads to shared tears, laughter, or awe-inspiring moments, each title promises to be more than just a movie; it’s an experience to hold dear, much like the love of a mother.