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Dance Reflecting Modern Society: Vishwakiran Dance Company’s Upcoming Production

The renowned Bengaluru-based Vishwakiran Dance Company is set to bring a powerful dance theater production to the stage, captivating audiences with a modern take on pressing societal and political issues, expressed through the universal language of movement. The mastermind behind this creative endeavor, Vishwakiran Nambi, brings his extensive training in Bharatanatyam, Kalaripayattu, and contemporary dance to the forefront in this bold exploration of contemporary life.

The production, aptly titled “Exordium,” is scheduled to showcase two full-length choreographies – “Yele Oota” or grand meal, and “Jaaga Illa,” translating to lack of space. “Yele Oota” is poised to address the communal response to the ongoing food shortages, an issue particularly exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic. The choreography delves into the complexities of food distribution and wastage, depicting a staggering contrast between celebratory abundance and desperate need, a topic Nambi became intimately familiar with during his involvement in food distribution efforts.

“Jaaga Illa” shifts the focus to the pulsating heart of urban life, honing in on the rampant hyper-metropolitanism that typifies cities like Bengaluru. The piece shines a light on the pressing issue of congestion, with dancers performing within the confines of a small wooden box, symbolizing the lack of space in an ever-expanding cityscape. Elaborating on the theme, Nambi questions the responsibility for this congestion, examining the roles of various societal elements, from the average citizen to government entities and burgeoning IT industries.

Vishwakiran, who commenced his journey as a principal dancer with Nritarutya, another dance company from Bengaluru, eventually charted his own path in the realm of dance film direction and choreography. His film endeavors include the attention-grabbing “The Kitchen,” along with “Pyre,” and both choreographies of “Yele Oota” and “Jaaga Illa.” These creations have earned accolades at international festivals and helped define his unique choreographic style.

The dance aficionado founded his institute in 2018 and has since then become a force in film choreography. His prolific career includes collaboration with Suman Ranganath for Hemant Rao’s “Kavaludaari” and the track ‘Mugga Manusulu’ in Nag Ashwin’s Telugu blockbuster “Mahanati.” A new project in Kannada cinema is also on the horizon, promising to enchant film audiences with his distinctive choreographic signature.

Post-pandemic, sustaining a dance company has proven challenging but the conviction that the company is the gateway to refining a distinct movement language holds firm for Vishwakiran. This ethos can only be cultivated through long-term collaboration with dedicated dancers. It was the viral sensation of a dance music video, “Neene,” that served as a gateway to film choreography for Vishwakiran. With over 62,000 views, the song, directed by Gomtesh Upadhye and choreographed by Vishwakiran, became a pivotal turning point in his career.

A conscious choice to incorporate Kannada titles and dialogues in his works underscores Vishwakiran’s belief that contemporary dance must resonate with local culture to connect with wider audiences. Despite its modernity, his dance theater retains a strong regional flavor, blending dance and movement with elements of theater to create a universally relatable narrative—the upcoming conversion of “Yele Oota” into a dance film is testament to this fusion of mediums.

The company’s production, “Exordium,” features music composed by Gopu Krishna with lyrics by Kiran Kaverappa. The audience can expect an experience where the performer’s movement dialects explore a multitude of emotions and societal reflections. With an aerial silk form incorporated into “Jaaga Illa,” the performance promises to extend the boundaries of contemporary dance.

Vishwakiran is also delving into folk forms, learning from traditions like Dollu Kunita and Gidda, which contribute to the depth and variety of his choreographies. “Exordium” is scheduled for a performance at Bangalore International Centre at 7 pm on May 15, with an imperative RSVP on the BIC website due to the complimentary nature of the event. Another opportunity to experience this profound dance theatre arises on June 8 at Medai, with tickets available via BookMyShow.

Through Vishwakiran Dance Company’s latest production, audiences are invited to witness the vibrant dialogue between dance and society’s contemporary currents, a portrayal of both the beauty and the challenges of our times.