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Dazzling Fusion Dance Performance Steals the Show on India’s Best Dancer – Season 4

New Delhi: Sony Entertainment Television’s iconic dance reality show, India’s Best Dancer, has returned for its much-anticipated fourth season, setting the stage ablaze with the motto ‘Jab Dil Kare Dance Kar’. Premiering on 13th July, the show promises to be a celebration of dance, passion, and talent, aired every Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 PM.

This season, the judges’ panel has a captivating new addition — Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor, joining the ranks alongside seasoned professionals Geeta Kapur and Terence Lewis. The trio is expected to bring an invigorating mix of technical expertise, profound experience, and star power, making for an unmissable show enriched by their combined charisma and depth.

One of the standout moments early in the season belongs to a dazzling performance by 20-year-old Sushmita Mistry from Islampur, Siliguri. This classical dancer showcased her talent through a mesmerizing routine set to the song ‘San Sanana’ from the Bollywood film ‘Asoka.’ Her performance was unique not only because of her flawless execution but also because of her innovative blend of two diverse dance forms — Kathak and Waacking.

Kathak, a northern Indian classical dance, is renowned for its intricate footwork, elegant spins, and emotive gestures, while Waacking, a street dance style originating from the LGBT clubs of Los Angeles in the 1970s, showcases fast arm movements and poses. The juxtaposition of these two contrasting styles in one performance created a captivating visual and touched the hearts of both judges and the audience.

Sushmita’s dance journey began in humble circumstances. Her passion for dance was first ignited as a child when she won a refrigerator in a local dance competition. Seeing the sheer joy on her mother’s face upon winning the prize marked a pivotal moment for Sushmita, sparking her determination to pursue dance relentlessly.

Expressing her ambition, Sushmita shared that her primary goal in participating in India’s Best Dancer 4 is to win the trophy for her mother. This tender story of familial love and Sushmita’s relentless pursuit of excellence resonated strongly with viewers and judges alike.

Judge Karisma Kapoor was effusive in her praise, remarking, “Sushmita, your performance was extremely graceful and so beautiful. Your expressions were always on point. When I was young and I first started working in the industry, my dream was also to make my mother proud someday.

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. You put your heart and soul into the performance today and that was very evident to the audience.”

Beyond her exceptional dancing ability, it was the touching bond between Sushmita and her mother that truly stole the show. This heartfelt connection, coupled with her effortless grace and innovative dance fusion, left an indelible impression.

Geeta Kapur, another judge on the panel, added, “The emotion that Sushmita shared on stage is something very special. You can see that she’s dancing not just for herself but for her mother, and that kind of drive really comes through in her performance. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.”

Terence Lewis, known for his nuanced understanding of dance, also commended Sushmita, highlighting the technical challenges of combining two very distinct dance forms. “What Sushmita accomplished on that stage is no small feat. To take something as classical and disciplined as Kathak and blend it with an expressive, freestyle form like Waacking shows immense skill and creativity.”

With the show’s new season promising an array of inspiring performances and personal stories, it’s clear that Sushmita Mistry’s journey is just one among many that will captivate and move audiences. Her story serves as a testament to the transformative power of dance and the unwavering determination of young talents to break barriers and achieve their dreams.

India’s Best Dancer – Season 4 is set to be a vibrant stage for many such incredible talents. The amalgamation of passion, innovation, and tradition will continue to be the cornerstone of this beloved dance reality show. As talented dancers like Sushmita take the stage, audiences can expect a rich tapestry of performances that are not only technically impressive but also deeply emotive and inspiring.

Tune in to witness these remarkable journeys unfold every weekend, bringing the best of Indian dance right into your living room. Sony Entertainment Television’s India’s Best Dancer is poised to be more than just a show; it’s an experience that celebrates the joy and power of dance.