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Diane Kruger and Jo Joyner to Star in Paramount+ Thriller ‘Little Disasters’

Hollywood luminaries Diane Kruger and Jo Joyner are set to lead the cast in the highly anticipated psychological thriller series, **Little Disasters**, premiering soon on Paramount+. Adapted from Sarah Vaughan’s 2020 novel of the same name, this compelling narrative delves deep into the intricacies of female friendships and the multifaceted experience of motherhood, focusing on four women bound together solely by their shared due dates.

Variety reports that Kruger takes on the role of Jess, a character whose life is thrown into turmoil when she takes her baby daughter to the hospital with a head injury she cannot explain. This harrowing situation places immense pressure on Jess’s close friend, Liz, portrayed by Jo Joyner. Liz, who is an on-duty A&E doctor at the time, is confronted with a heart-wrenching dilemma: whether to alert social services about her long-time friend.

“This seemingly simple decision sets off a devastating chain reaction, illustrating the fragile nature of relationships and the far-reaching impact a single moment can have,” states the official logline. The narrative promises to unfold a tense and engaging story, capturing audiences with its exploration of trust, loyalty, and the breaking points of human connections.

**Little Disasters** boasts a talented ensemble cast beyond Kruger and Joyner. Shelley Conn, known from *Bridgerton*, will portray Charlotte, a corporate lawyer navigating her own set of challenges. Meanwhile, Emily Taaffe from *The Rising* is cast as Mel, a free-spirited woman whose life choices often clash with those around her. Their stories further complicate and enrich the tapestry of the series.

The supporting cast is equally impressive. JJ Feild, notable for his roles in various television dramas, joins as Ed—portrayed as wealthy yet stretched thin by the demands of his lifestyle. Ben Bailey Smith will portray Liz’s supportive husband, Nick. The cast rounds out with Stephen Campbell Moore in the role of Rob, Mel’s husband, whose dynamic with his spouse promises to add another layer of complexity to the series’ narrative.

Directed by Eva Sigurdardottir, the series is currently in production, with Roughcut Television and Fremantle handling the production responsibilities.

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. Anticipation for **Little Disasters** is building as filming progresses, with fans eager to see how the show will bring Vaughan’s critically acclaimed novel to life.

This is not the first time Sarah Vaughan’s work has been adapted for the screen. Her 2018 book, *Anatomy of a Scandal*, was previously adapted into a Netflix series featuring Sienna Miller, Rupert Friend, and Naomi Scott. This prior success adds a layer of expectation for **Little Disasters**, with viewers and critics alike curious to see if this new adaptation will garner similar acclaim.

Beyond the individual performances and intriguing plot, the series will explore some of today’s most pressing social issues. By focusing on motherhood and the bonds between women, it is expected to offer poignant insights into the complexities of female friendship and the often-unspoken challenges faced by new mothers.

Interestingly, the series is breaking new ground not just in its storyline but also in its approach to the thriller genre. It diverges from the traditional formula of thrillers that often center around crime and suspense, instead offering a narrative that is both personal and universally relatable. This unique angle is likely to attract a diverse audience, ranging from fans of psychological thrillers to those drawn to character-driven dramas.

With its combination of a star-studded cast, a gripping storyline, and the backing of a major streaming platform, **Little Disasters** is shaping up to be one of the must-watch series of the coming season. Both Kruger and Joyner have expressed excitement about their roles and the story, hinting that their on-screen chemistry will be a standout aspect of the show.

As audiences await the release, there’s no doubt that **Little Disasters** will continue to generate buzz and anticipation. Its exploration of delicate subjects through a psychological thriller lens promises not just to entertain but also to provoke thought and discussion.

Stay tuned for more updates as the series moves closer to its premiere on Paramount+. This is a saga of friendship, motherhood, and untold secrets that you won’t want to miss.