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Diljit Dosanjh Red-Faced Over ‘Vulgar’ Improv by Elderly Women in Imtiaz Ali’s Chamkila Biopic

Bollywood filmmaker Imtiaz Ali is renowned for his unconventional storytelling and his latest theatrical endeavor is no different. Centering on the life of the legendary Punjabi musician Amar Singh Chamkila, the highly anticipated biopic stars Diljit Dosanjh and Parineeti Chopra in principal roles. Throughout his illustrious career, Chamkila was infamous for his provocative lyrics, a thematic trait that evidently permeates Ali’s narrative vision for the film.

Recently, Imtiaz Ali shared insightful anecdotes from the production during a candid conversation with CNN-News18. He recounted a striking instance where improvisation by a group of elderly women discussing Chamkila’s contentious lyrics created an authentic and captivating scene. This unexpected twist not only surprised the crew but also lead actor Diljit Dosanjh. Originally, the script called for a simple passby as the characters Amarjot and Chamkila exited a house. Nonetheless, Ali allowed the women’s dialogue to develop organically, a decision that enriched the story and its portrayal of cultural authenticity.

“After a while, I stopped speaking, and they just took off,” Ali revealed, “and a lot of what you see in the film before the ‘Naram Kalja’ song has come from this improvisation of these old ladies.” When the scene eventually concluded, Dosanjh was visibly taken aback by the frankness of their conversation. Expressing his shock, the actor exclaimed, ‘Baap re baap, inn logon ne kaise baatein boldi,’ acknowledging the unabashedly risqué nature of the discussion.

Ali expands on this by referring to the traditional songs often sung by women across various Indian cultures, particularly in remote villages during festive occasions such as marriages. Despite their vulgar nature, these songs represent a reversal of typical objectification, targeting men instead. According to Ali, the instance of candid conversation among the women echoed these cultural practices.

Elegantly broaching the subject of biopics, Imtiaz Ali previously shared with Mid-day his reluctance to dive into the genre. He believes that a storyteller must possess the freedom not to alter historical facts, but to explore and represent the multifaceted nature of a person’s life. Emphasizing the importance of showcasing both triumphs and tribulations, Ali criticizes biopics that serve only to endlessly glorify the subject, finding them to lack depth and become tedious.

Imtiaz Ali’s commitment to a nuanced depiction of Amar Singh Chamkila suggests that viewers can expect a raw and honest portrayal of the late musician. By choosing to explore the less-talked-about facets of Chamkila’s life and career, Ali aims to offer audiences a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of the icon.

Furthermore, Ali’s statements highlight the importance of authenticity in cinematic storytelling, showcasing his bold decision to use improvisation to capture the essence of real-life situations, thereby adding layers to the storytelling narrative of his film.

The biopic ‘Amar Singh Chamkila’ is eagerly awaited by fans of both the late musician and the leading Bollywood stars. Diljit Dosanjh’s transformation into Chamkila and performance alongside Parineeti Chopra is one of the most anticipated aspects of this project.

As the team continues post-production work, the innovative and immersive approach taken by Imtiaz Ali is already creating buzz and excitement. This slice of cinematic recollection promises to bring the spirited and controversial world of Amar Singh Chamkila back to life, perhaps stirring conversations much like the bold and uninhibited chatter of the old women on set that left even a seasoned actor like Diljit Dosanjh red-faced and in awe.