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Dr. Srinivasan Periyathiruvadi Chronicles the Himalayas in His Captivating Coffee Table Book

“The majestic mountains, the Himalayan terrain, humbled me, smashed my ego and there were many profound life lessons. Numerous expeditions made me understand who I am,” says Dr. Srinivasan Periyathiruvadi, a Chennai-based medical practitioner, founder of Lister Metropolis, and co-founder of Jeevan Blood Bank.

Though he dabbled with film cameras during his school days in Thoothukudi, his passion for photography truly ignited in his twenties while he was pursuing his medical studies in Chennai, then known as Madras. His fervent love for the Himalayan mountains combined with his growing interest in photography eventually led to the creation of his magnum opus, “Himalayan Moments,” a stunning coffee table book.

Dr. Srinivasan’s journey began in 2005 when he bought his first DSLR camera. The following year, he joined a friend on a trek from Gangotri to the Gomukh Glacier. By 2009, he had ventured to the Annapurna base camp, and in 2013, he explored Ladakh, Kashmir, and other less traversed areas of the Himalayan range, thanks to Rahul Ogra, the founder of Mystic Himalayan Trails.

“Thus far, I have undertaken over 15 such expeditions, and have over 10,000 photographs (shot between 2013 and 2023). From these collections, I have curated 40 images and designed this coffee table book,” reveals Dr. Srinivasan. The book can be purchased at www.natureimages.in, reflecting the culmination of years of relentless dedication and countless adventures.

The doctor’s photographic journey through the Himalayas was not just about capturing scenic landscapes but also about enriching encounters with people living in these remote regions. “Once I saw a shepherd walking at a distance with his herd. The lighting was perfect, and I captured that moment. The shepherd saw me from afar and invited me home, which he referred to as “mera rajya” (my kingdom in Hindi). His wife served me roti and cheese. When I left his home, he handed me a huge chunk of cheese. Besides this, I have encountered some near-death experiences during snowstorms and landslides.

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. With all these experiences in the mountains, I think I have become a better human being,” he reflects.

Dr. Srinivasan’s first solo photography exhibition was held at Lalit Kala Akademi in Chennai in 2012, marking his official entry into the world of professional photography. Four years later, he hosted another successful exhibition. The idea of creating a coffee table book took root during the pandemic, providing him with the necessary downtime to focus on this project.

“When I mentor budding photographers, I tell them to put down their camera and enjoy nature with their own eyes. I always look at nature through my telephoto lens. Once, my camera malfunctioned in the deep jungle, and that was when I spotted a cheetah attacking a gazelle. What I saw with my own eyes, sans the camera, was mystical and mesmerizing,” shares Dr. Srinivasan, emphasizing a balance between technology and direct experiences with nature.

“Himalayan Moments” is priced at ₹2,950, a small sum for the profound insights and stunning visuals it offers. Selected photographs from Dr. Srinivasan’s extensive collection are also available for sale on his website: www.natureimages.in, providing an opportunity for nature enthusiasts and art collectors to own a piece of his Himalayan experience.

This coffee table book is not just a collection of photographs but a narrative of personal growth, adventure, and an intimate connection with one of the most awe-inspiring mountain ranges in the world. Through his lens, Dr. Srinivasan offers a rare glimpse into the raw beauty and the challenging yet enlightening terrains of the Himalayas.

In conclusion, Dr. Srinivasan Periyathiruvadi’s “Himalayan Moments” stands as a testament to his passion for photography and the profound impact the Himalayas have had on his life. It’s a celebration of nature’s splendor captured through the eyes of a man who has utterly immersed himself in the mystique of the mountains, emerging with lessons that go far beyond the realm of mere visuals. For those yearning to experience the Himalayas, this book promises to be a transformative journey.