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Elvish Yadav Faces Backlash Over Demand for Eviction in Bigg Boss OTT 3

Social media influencer and Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner, Elvish Yadav, has been drawn into a heated debate after reacting to the controversial incident involving Armaan Malik and Vishal Pandey in the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house. In his latest vlog, Elvish was seen with his friends discussing the incident inside a car, where he sharply criticised Armaan’s violent behavior.

The incident in question occurred after Vishal Pandey allegedly made an inappropriate comment about Armaan’s wife, Kritika Malik, leading Armaan to physically assault Vishal. Elvish Yadav did not mince words in his critique, stating that Vishal’s remark did not warrant such a violent reaction from Armaan. According to Elvish, Vishal didn’t make any ‘cheap’ comment that justified a slap.

Elvish further asserted that Armaan should be evicted from the show for his actions, drawing a parallel to a previous season of Bigg Boss where Abhishek was forgiven after slapping Samarth. Elvish warned that letting Armaan off the hook would set a detrimental precedent for the show. His comments, while interspersed with jokes, remained firm in demanding strict consequences for Armaan’s actions.

However, not all viewers shared Elvish’s viewpoint. Many netizens took to social media platforms to slam Elvish for his stance. Critics pointed out that Elvish had previously been involved in a physical altercation with Maxtern, also known as Sagar Thakur, questioning his moral authority to demand the eviction of another contestant for similar behavior. The backlash highlighted the complexities and double standards that often come into play in such reality TV show controversies.

One user accused Elvish of hypocrisy, noting, “And you support Armaan who supports polygamy?” Another commented, “If Vishal is a womanizer but only talks which is wrong, I agree, but you support Munawar who has actually played with women’s lives, why this double standard?” The online furor continued with remarks like, “It doesn’t look good coming from you.

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. Supporting someone who roams with three girls at a time,” further staining Elvish’s position on the matter.

To understand the context, the feud began during the third Weekend Ka Vaar, a designated time in the show for addressing issues and conflicts among contestants. Payal Malik, Armaan Malik’s wife, who is also an ex-contestant, publicly exposed Vishal Pandey for allegedly making a disrespectful comment about Kritika Malik. This revelation led to a heated argument between Armaan and Vishal, culminating in Armaan slapping Vishal.

The audience and avid followers of Bigg Boss are now keenly awaiting the reaction of the show’s taskmaster regarding this slap incident. Critics of Vishal argue that he has previously exhibited inappropriate behavior towards Kritika, including making suggestive comments and ogling her indecently. The tension reached a boiling point when, during the Weekend Ka Vaar, it was revealed that Vishal confessed to having a liking for Kritika to another contestant, Lovekesh Kataria. This revelation triggered the ensuing clash between Armaan and Vishal.

Despite the clear divide in opinions, the situation has yet to see a resolution from the Bigg Boss authorities. The incident has stirred substantial chatter online, with many fans calling for stricter regulations and consistent enforcement of rules within the show to ensure such violent outbursts and disrespectful comments are handled appropriately.

Meanwhile, fans of the show and its contestants are perpetually on the edge, waiting for the taskmaster’s verdict that will decide the new course of action in the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house. In the realm of reality television, where every move is scrutinized, the consequences of such incidents often resonate beyond the immediate thrill and drama presented on screen.

As the debate continues, Elvish Yadav’s firm stance against violence in the Bigg Boss house, contrasted with his past actions, remains a focal point of contention, triggering broader discussions on accountability, precedent, and the varied moral compasses that viewers and influencers alike bring to the table.