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Esha Deol Campaigns Alongside Star-Mother Hema Malini in the Holy City of Mathura

A video recently surfaced showing Bollywood actress Esha Deol campaigning with her star-mother, Hema Malini, in Mathura amidst the fervent political narrative shaping up for the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections. Esha and sister Ahana Deol were present to offer their support to their mother, who is contesting as a BJP candidate in the sacred city. On Saturday, this team of celebrities “took Mathura by storm” as the local and social media would phrase it.

Following time-honored rituals at the Bake Bihari temple in Vrindavan, Esha Deol appeared radiant in ethnic attire alongside her mother as they spoke to the press. Further magnifying the campaign event’s reach, Esha chronicled her experiences at Mathura on Instagram, dressed in a charming pink salwar suit, with Hema Malini beaming by her side. She affectionately captioned her post “Mathura Vrindavan ♥️🙏🏼 with my mamma @dreamgirlhemamalini,” which not only showed the strong familial bonds but also resonated well with her followers who are used to seeing the glamorous side of their favorite celebrities.

This mother-daughter duo’s involvement in the election campaign trail has garnered significant attention, serving as a testament to the unity in the Malini family and potently illustrating how star power can cast an influential light on political activism.

Esha Deol, whose personal life has often been under the scrutinizing eye of the public, recently faced rumors of separation from her husband Bharat Takhtani. Addressing these rumors, Esha, alongside Bharat, announced through the Delhi Times that they have indeed decided to amicably part ways. “We have mutually and amicably decided to part ways. Through this shift in our lives, the best interests and welfare of our two children is and will be of utmost importance to us. We’d appreciate our privacy is respected,” the couple stated on January 6. A story that started with a youthful romance blossomed into a marriage in 2012 and was admired for a long time for its apparent strength and happiness.

Despite the personal challenges, Esha continues to maintain a professional front in Bollywood and was recently featured in the digital film “Rudra: The Edge of Darkness” where she co-starred with Ajay Devgn. Esha’s personal engagements also keep her in the limelight, as she was spotted at high-profile events like the wedding reception of Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira Khan, and her partner Nupur Shikhare, in Mumbai.

Her recent appearance in Mathura, however, is not solely to sway voters but also showcases Esha’s solidarity with her family during pivotal moments. With the electorate increasingly influenced by social media and celebrity endorsements, the inclusion of Esha Deol and Ahana Deol in their mother’s campaign can be perceived as a strategic move to connect with the younger demographic and tap into the intrinsic value of family-oriented politics.

The support shown by Esha and Ahana Deol for Hema Malini’s political endeavor also highlights the intersection of culture, entertainment, and politics in India, where cinematic icons often play prominent roles in shaping public opinion and rallying support for political causes.

As Mathura becomes a hotspot for political tourism, with voters and fans alike eager to catch a glimpse of the stars-turned-politicos, the campaign trail promises to be as vibrant as the city’s deep-rooted cultural tapestry. With the Lok Sabha Election of 2024 on the horizon, Hema Malini’s campaign, infused with the allure of Bollywood celebrity, sets the stage for a dramatic political showdown in the holy city of Mathura.