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Farida Jalal Expresses Frustration Over Difficulty in Reaching Shah Rukh and Salman Khan

In a recent conversation, veteran Bollywood actress Farida Jalal, who recently appeared in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s monumental series Heeramandi, opened up about her experiences and fond memories of working alongside Bollywood giants Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. However, despite her illustrious career and the memorable on-screen moments she shared with these superstars, Farida disclosed an increasing difficulty in maintaining personal contact with the actors.

Reflecting on her life and career during an interview with India Today, the 75-year-old actress expressed her disappointment over the current communication barriers with Shah Rukh Khan. Farida shared her ongoing frustration, stating, “No, I am not [in touch with Shah Rukh Khan]. How do I get to him, tell me? Even Salman, how do I get to them? You know, they have changed their mobiles or whatever.” The actress, known for her heartfelt roles as a mother to these superstars in several iconic movies, highlighted the significance of her relationship with them.

Recounting a touching episode from her life, Farida narrated an instance when Shah Rukh Khan’s kindness left a lasting impact on her. After undergoing a shoulder surgery, the actress found solace in Shah Rukh’s thoughtful gesture. She remembered, “I had a shoulder surgery done and he has done many. Those days, I went to his doctor also. He called me out of the blue, so sweet na?”

Farida reminisced about how Shah Rukh Khan comforted her during her period of recovery, offering words of encouragement and sound medical advice. She elaborated, “Farida ji, I have to tell you, yeh jo shoulder surgery hai na… don’t get impatient. It’s going to take lots of time to get back that movement.” She brought to light Shah Rukh’s sincere concern for her, adding, “I was very worried why I was not able to lift my arm up. He phoned me, I felt so good when he called.

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. He said, ‘Farida ji, just don’t worry, this takes time. After a year, you’ll be able to lift your arm well. But it takes time, so don’t lose patience’.

Yet, there is an undercurrent of sorrow as Farida conveyed her struggles of being unable to reach out and convey her admiration for Shah Rukh’s success and flourishing career. “But now, when I try calling him on that number, because I loved his success, his films, I want to tell him, ‘Bachcha, very good, I am very happy for you,’ but there is nobody on that line.” She highlighted the challenges posed by intermediaries and changing contact details, stating, “If his secretary is not kind to you then what do you do? I have to go through somebody as I don’t have his number. So, Shah Rukh should think about this. When people want to talk to you what do they do? People like me.”

The actress also mentioned Salman Khan, another stalwart of the industry whom she cherished working with in several films. Reflecting on their lost connection, she added, “Salman also, I used to have his number we used to talk to each other so often, now he must have changed his number, what do I do?”

Farida Jalal, an actress who has left an indelible mark on Indian cinema with her poignant performances, particularly as a mother figure in films like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai alongside Shah Rukh Khan, and in Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai and Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge with Salman Khan, emphasized her disappointment over these lost personal connections in an immensely connected world.

In an industry marked by ever-changing dynamics and relationships, Farida Jalal’s sentiments bring forth a poignant exploration of the human side of Bollywood. Her reflections offer a rare glimpse into the personal bond she shared with these superstar actors—bonds that, for various modern-day reasons, seem to have faded into the background of their dazzling careers.

The narrative sheds light on the broader issue of how fame and success can often create insurmountable distances even among those who have shared deeply meaningful and supportive relationships. As viewers and fans, while we celebrate the glamour and victories of stars like Shah Rukh and Salman, Farida’s words remind us of the simple yet profound need for staying connected beyond the screen and celebrity status.