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Gujarat Home Minister Prioritizes Search for Missing Person in Rajkot Fire Tragedy

In the early hours of Sunday, Gujarat Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi closely monitored the site where a devastating fire had broken out inside a gaming zone in Rajkot. The inferno, which erupted around 4:30 pm on Saturday, claimed the lives of 27 individuals, including children, and left one person still unaccounted for.

Addressing the gravity of the situation, Sanghvi emphasized the urgent necessity of finding the missing person. “Our first priority is that…as per the information we have, one person is still missing and it is our responsibility to look for the person. We are deploying maximum teams for that…,” Sanghvi stated to the gathered reporters, assuring that every possible resource would be allocated to this critical search operation.

He mentioned that all relevant officials had been summoned to the Collector’s office by 3 am. Sanghvi himself would be stationed at that location to oversee the rescue and investigative operations. “A very sad incident took place at Rajkot, many family members lost their loved ones and many children have also died in the incident…SIT has been instructed to start the investigation by 3 am… all officials of those departments under which the responsibility of game zone construction lies, have been instructed to be present at the Collector’s office by 3 am today. All types of investigations will begin today itself and soon action will be taken to serve justice,” he continued.

Meanwhile, the authorities took swift action by detaining two individuals—the owner and the manager of the TRP game zone—in connection with the fire. Rajkot Police Commissioner, Raju Bhargava, provided an update on the ongoing investigation, noting, “The police action is underway.

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. The owner and the manager of the TRP game zone have been taken to the police station for interrogation.”

As part of the broader response efforts, Gujarat Director General of Police issued directives to Commissioners of Police and District Superintendents of Police to conduct inspections of all gaming zones across the state. These inspections are particularly focused on ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations. The director general further mandated that this procedure should be carried out in close coordination with municipal fire officers and the local administrative bodies. The directive underscores the necessity of preventive measures in the wake of the Rajkot tragedy.

The harrowing incident has reverberated throughout the nation, with leaders from various political factions extending their condolences to the bereaved families. Reflecting the nation’s collective sorrow, Union Home Minister Amit Shah reached out to Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel. Amit Shah expressed his deep sympathies for the families affected by the tragedy and discussed potential steps to ensure such incidents do not recur.

This tragic event has cast a spotlight on safety compliance in public recreational spaces, igniting a broader discussion on regulatory oversight. As rescue teams persist in their search for the missing individual and investigations proceed, this catastrophe serves as a grim reminder of the critical necessity for stringent safety protocols to safeguard lives in community spaces.

The fire outbreak at the gaming zone in Rajkot led to a swift emergency response, encompassing rescue, medical aid, and investigative actions. Local hospitals were placed on high alert to accommodate the influx of casualties, with medical teams working tirelessly to provide the necessary care. Families of the victims and the community have found solidarity and support in the aftermath of the disaster.

Specialized investigative teams, including experts in fire safety and structural engineering, have been deployed to analyze the cause of the fire. Preliminary reports suggest potential lapses in safety compliance, including inadequate fire suppression systems and escape routes, which exacerbated the situation. Investigators are meticulously collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and inspecting the remains of the game zone to reconstruct the events leading up to the fire.

In addition to the immediate response, the tragedy has prompted state-wide safety audits of similar establishments. Authorities are evaluating current safety standards and considering reforms to prevent similar incidents in the future. This includes mandatory fire drills, regular safety inspections, and stringent penalties for non-compliance.

As the community grapples with the loss, support services including counseling and financial aid for the affected families have been initiated. Civic leaders stress the importance of community resilience and the need to support each other through the grieving process.

The events in Rajkot underscore a critical call to action for enhanced safety measures, regulatory vigilance, and community preparedness. As investigations continue and rescue efforts persist, the memory of those lost in the tragedy drives a renewed commitment to ensuring safer public spaces for all.