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“Harry Potter Alum Tom Felton Cast in Upcoming ‘Gandhi’ Series by Director Hansal Mehta”

Magic meets history as Tom Felton, renowned for his portrayal of Draco Malfoy in the globally celebrated ‘Harry Potter’ film series, embarks on a new on-screen journey with the announcement of his casting in the upcoming series ‘Gandhi’, directed by the critically acclaimed Hansal Mehta. On Thursday, the filmmaker unveiled an ensemble of casting additions, revealing that Felton is set to join an array of both veteran and emerging talents for this ambitious project.

Best known for his place in the wizarding world, Tom Felton has carved his own niche through his captivating depiction of an antagonist in the adaptations of J.K. Rowling’s best-selling novels. His transition to a series that depicts historical events marks a significant shift from fantasy to the portrayal of a real-world figure that has had a longstanding impact on the world stage. Felton’s presence in ‘Gandhi’ is accompanied by the talents of Libby Mai, Molly Wright, Ralph Adeniyi, James Murray, Lindon Alexander, Jonno Davies, and Simon Lennon, each bringing their unique capabilities to the series.

Taking the lead in this grand narrative is actor Pratik Gandhi, set to portray Mahatma Gandhi, a global symbol of peace and non-violent resistance. Gandhi’s profound legacy will be explored with nuanced layers, as the series sheds light on his younger years—periods of his life that have remained largely untouched by cinema. Bhamini Oza is also featured in the series, taking on the significant role of Kasturba Gandhi, the influential wife of Mahatma Gandhi.

The narrative backbone of the series is derived from the diligent works of historian and author Ramachandra Guha—specifically his books “Gandhi before India” and “Gandhi: The Years that Changed the World.” These literary accounts provide a comprehensive insight into Gandhi’s life and ideology from his early years in London to his transformative period in South Africa.

At the age of 36, Felton extends his acting repertoire by delving into this monumental historical character. Appreciative of the opportunity, Felton expressed his enthusiasm: “I’m excited to be part of the journey of telling the story of Gandhi’s early years in London. It’s an important aspect of history that hasn’t been told on screen before, and to be working with Hansal & Pratik is an honour and pleasure.”

Director Hansal Mehta, who has a track record of creating thought-provoking content as seen in ‘Scam 1992’ and ‘Scoop,’ considers the multinationally-cast series a labor of love, and he feels privileged to work with a cast of exceptional talent. “The casting of some exceptional international actors to our ensemble is even more exciting as we prepare to take our labour of love to audiences worldwide,” Mehta conveyed.

He further emphasized the relevance of Gandhi’s story, particularly his formative years, as a narrative that resonates with contemporary themes of self-discovery and consequential historical impact. Mehta feels deeply honored to translate this epic tale onto the screen, hoping it will inspire and educate audiences globally.

An international production in its essence, ‘Gandhi’ will span a variety of locations both in India and abroad, encapsulating the vast geographical and cultural landscapes that influenced Gandhi’s journey. Ensuring historical accuracy and authenticity, the series has engaged Siddhartha Basu, an esteemed figure in the world of television and knowledge, to serve as historical consultant, factual advisor, and creative consultant.

This casting announcement presents a confluence of cinematic talent, coming together to celebrate a story that has shaped the pillars of modern history. As audiences await the unfolding of this highly anticipated series, ‘Gandhi’ stands as a testament to the timeless influence of its eponymous subject and the enduring power of storytelling to bridge the past with the present.