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High-Value Heist: Director Joshiy’s Son Falls Victim to Burglary Treasures Worth a Crore Vanished

In what turned out to be a shocking incident of theft in the serene city of Kochi, Kerala, the household of prominent film director Joshiy’s son, Abhilash Joshiy, was targeted by burglars in a high-stakes robbery. Gold and diamond jewellery, along with an assortment of watches collectively estimated to be worth around ₹1 crore, were stolen in the early morning hours of April 20, a Saturday which began on a distressing note for the Joshiy family.

The lavish residence situated in the upscale locality of Panampilly Nagar fell prey to the stealthy act which transpired between the time window of 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. It was discovered, much to the shock of the family, that the safe harbored in the bedroom on the first floor of the house was masterfully broken into, with its precious contents missing.

In a detailed account following the theft, it was reported that the stolen hoard included an extensive selection of ornaments ranging from a stunning set of diamond necklace, a significant number of diamond rings tallying up to 10, and eight sets of diamond earrings. Not stopping at just the gems, the thieves also lifted 10 gold chains and an equal number of gold bangles. To add to the extravagant haul, 10 luxury watches were also part of the bounty that the burglars absconded with.

The incident came to light when Abhilash Joshiy, son of the celebrated director, filed a petition which led to the prompt registration of an FIR by the Ernakulam Town North police. Acting on the gravity of the situation, a case has been filed under several sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) to undertake a thorough legal pursuit of the culprits. These include Section 457 which corresponds to lurking house-trespass or house-breaking by night with the intention of committing an offence, Section 461 which pertains to dishonestly breaking open receptacles containing property, and Section 380 that addresses theft in residential premises.

A full-fledged investigation was rapidly mobilized with the local police forces leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to track down the perpetrators of this audacious robbery. Forensic teams were deployed to the site, hoping to gather any sort of evidence such as fingerprints or DNA that could lead to a breakthrough in the case. Panampilly Nagar, known for its relative safety and affluent residences, was stirred by the event, leading to increased vigilance among the community.

Security footage from nearby establishments and residences are being scrutinized, and the police have broadened their inquiry to include questioning of security personnel, nearby residents, and any potential witnesses who might have noticed unusual activity during the time of the burglary. Given the sophisticated method employed to bypass the security of the safe, authorities are not discounting the involvement of a professional gang specializing in such high-profile heists.

The family, while dealing with the shock of the loss, has cooperated with the law enforcement, providing all necessary information and access in hopes of reclaiming their valuable heirlooms. The loss has not only been monetary but also bears sentimental repercussions, considering the personal significance of some of the jewelry pieces that were passed down through generations.

As the community of Panampilly Nagar and the film industry express their solidarity with the Joshiy family, the incident serves as a harsh reminder of the lurking threats even within seemingly secure environments. With the police determined to find those responsible, the hope is to not only recover the treasures but also to restore a sense of security and justice to the aggrieved family. The case continues to unfold as more details emerge, and the public eye remains fixed on the developments of this astonishing heist.