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Imran Khan Opens Up About Dating Lekha Washington Post-Divorce and Battling Depression

Former Bollywood heartthrob Imran Khan, known for his charming on-screen presence in films like the hit rom-com “Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na,” has come into the spotlight yet again, not for his acting chops, but for his personal life revelations. The actor, who tied the knot with Avantika Malik in 2011, found his marriage unraveling eight years later, leading to their separation in 2019 and eventually to a divorce.

After stepping away from the silver screen, Khan’s personal life had been kept away from public scrutiny until recently, when he disclosed the nature of his relationship with actress Lekha Washington. The revelation came as a surprise to many fans who had been following Imran’s career and life closely.

In an intimate conversation with Hindustan Times, Imran Khan delved into the reasons behind his silence about his romantic connection with Lekha, candidly speaking on the challenges he faced during his divorce – a situation that often falls victim to public speculation and media frenzy.

“I have consciously tried to shield this part because of the complications of me divorcing and ending my marriage,” Imran Khan explained, highlighting how such personal tribulations tend to become fodder for gossip. His decision to protect the budding romance from the public eye, he reasoned, was to avoid the “ugliness” and unwanted theories that could arise in the wake of his divorce.

He also gave insight into the impact that Lekha has had on his life. Describing her as a nurturing and supportive partner, Khan acknowledges Washington’s significant role in helping him grapple with depression and reconstruct his life post-divorce. Her care and love, as Imran puts it, were foundational in the journey of his mental health recovery.

Despite his hiatus from the entertainment industry, Imran Khan has not faded from memory. His last appearance was in the 2015 romantic drama “Katti Batti,” but rumors have circulated hinting at a potential comeback for the actor. According to reports, he is poised to star in a comedy project titled “Happy Patel,” which will be backed by his renowned uncle, Aamir Khan, and directed by Vir Das. However, the film has not yet been officially confirmed.

This inside scoop into Imran Khan’s life unfolds amidst other buzzworthy news, such as Ranbir Kapoor’s rejection of three significant films, each of which has gone on to make a splash—one becoming a cult classic and the other two raking in over Rs 150 crore, with all three starring powerhouse talents.

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Imran Khan’s saga presents a poignant look at the complexities of personal relationships amidst the glare of public attention. It highlights the delicate balance celebrities must strike between their public persona and the preservation of private struggles. His journey, marked by resilience and support from loved ones, offers a narrative that resonates with the realities of mental health challenges and the pathways to emotional well-being.