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Intense Portrayal by Raj Arjun in ‘Razakar’ Evokes Mixed Family Reactions

The film industry witnesses an ever-evolving array of talent, constantly pushing actors to explore new territories. One such talent, who has dug deep into a complex character, is actor Raj Arjun in his recent role in the historical drama ‘Razakar: The Silent Genocide of Hyderabad.’ This film, which has achieved notable success in the south cinema, has made its Hindi debut, capturing the attention of a broader audience with its gripping narrative.

Raj Arjun steps into the shoes of Kasim Razvi, a figure characterized by brutality. His character’s actions in the film incite terror in the land of Hyderabad, coercing people to abandon their faith. In a candid exchange with DNA, Raj Arjun delved into the depth of his role and the ensuing reaction of his family.

When first approached about the project, Raj Arjun was not merely handed a script to peruse. Instead, the narrative was conveyed in fragments, with an emphasis on the barbaric nature of the role and the historical gravitas it held. Reading about the real-life figure, the actor perceived this opportunity as an extraordinary one – a role that could elevate his career and allow him to showcase the extent of his acting prowess. Raj Arjun espouses a love for roles that not only resonate with audiences but also carry a substantial meaning, which ultimately led to his commitment to the film.

Raj Arjun described how immersing himself in such an intense character often has ripples that reach beyond the set. He confesses that the embodied anger, at times, followed him home. For Raj Arjun, the process of acting is not one that can be easily switched off. He encapsulates the mentality of an actor who relishes maintaining the persona off-screen to ensure the authenticity of the performance is preserved. His dedication is such that he seeks to inhabit the character fully throughout the shooting schedule, which can last upwards of a month. Though this means staying detached from his family, he is mindful of keeping any resultant aggression from impacting his loved ones.

Intriguingly, the actor’s family has shown a divided reaction to his portrayal. While his daughter Sara Arjun, an actress herself, is brimming with pride at her father’s transformative performance, his actions on-screen did not sit well with his son. Raj Arjun’s son, not fully grasping the Telugu dialogue, was strikingly adverse to the on-screen brutality, physically acting out in response to the scenes featuring Raj Arjun’s aggressive character.

The filmmaking journey of ‘Razakar’ was charted by director Yata Satyan Narayana and supported by producer Gudur Narayana Reddy under Samarveer Creation LLP. The story is set against the backdrop of the tumultuous events leading to ‘Operation Polo’ in the erstwhile Princely state of Hyderabad. Alongside Raj Arjun, the film boasts a cast comprising Bobby Simha, Tej Sapru, Makarand Deshpande, and Vedhika, delivering compelling performances.

For those intrigued by the blend of history and drama, ‘Razakar’ presents a chance to peep into a momentous period through a cinematic lens, now available in theatres. Additionally, audiences can further engage with DNA’s multimedia offerings by downloading the DNA app from the Google Play Store, where feedback can be shared, and additional content can be accessed.