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Janhvi Kapoor: Emerging Bollywood Star Breaks Barriers with Mr & Mrs Mahi’s Success

When Janhvi Kapoor entered the film industry six years ago, she was a tentative newcomer with little experience in public life. From those humble beginnings, Janhvi has worked her way into being a more comfortable presence, both in front of the camera and as a public figure. Her rise has been swift and marked by a series of commercial and critical successes. However, the spectre of nepotism consistently loomed over her career. Now, it appears Janhvi is surpassing these challenges as the actress begins to outshine the ‘star’ label, without compromising on box office returns. This is a coveted position that very few young actors have managed to achieve, and at 27 years old, Janhvi must be credited for this accomplishment.

Mr & Mrs Mahi, her most recent film, was released in theatres a little over a week ago. Within this short period, the small-budget sports drama has garnered an impressive Rs 32 crore worldwide and is set to cross the Rs 50 crore mark soon. This achievement is particularly significant given that the film is not a mass event and its reviews, while positive, have not been universally glowing. Nonetheless, there has been a consistent factor in its success: both Janhvi and her co-star Rajkummar Rao received praise for their performances. The audiences have connected with the story, and the numbers at the box office reflect this connection.

Janhvi’s previous performances have also earned acclaim. Films like “Gunjan Saxena,” “Good Luck Jerry,” and “Mili” showcased her acting chops, but it was a mixed bag in terms of commercial success. “Gunjan Saxena” and “Good Luck Jerry” were released on streaming platforms, missing the traditional box office journey. “Mili,” even though well-received critically, did not make a substantial impact at the box office. Janhvi was getting recognition, but her films were not always commercially succeeding. The recent success of Mr & Mrs Mahi signals a positive shift. The movie is not just being lauded for her performance but is also performing well commercially, avoiding the usual ‘waiting for it to arrive on OTT’ scenario that often plagues smaller films.

At this point in her career, Janhvi has completed eight films. With a sleeper hit like Mr & Mrs Mahi starting her year, the promise of an exciting 2024 looms large.

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. Her upcoming projects are diverse, demonstrating her willingness to explore different genres and roles. First in line is “Ulajh,” a thriller set in the intricate world of diplomacy. She will be sharing the screen with seasoned actors like Gulshan Devaiah, Roshan Mathew, Rajesh Tailang, and Adil Hussain. This film will not only test the potential of content-driven cinema at the box office but will also gauge how Janhvi’s performance stands out among a highly competent ensemble cast.

Following “Ulajh” is a project that has the potential to push her into the big leagues: the pan-India action thriller “Devara Part 1.” The film stars Jr NTR and Saif Ali Khan and boasts an enormous budget of Rs 300 crore. No doubt, it is the biggest project of Janhvi’s career so far. If successful, it could open the door to more commercial offers and opportunities for the young actress, perfectly timed as her career gains momentum.

Critics have often noted that Janhvi has been ‘lucky’ with her early career projects, drawing parallels with Alia Bhatt’s similarly fortuitous beginnings. And indeed, landing a role like “Gunjan Saxena” at the age of 23 is an opportunity many would covet. But it’s important to recognize that other ‘star kids’ have had similar opportunities and failed to make a significant impact. In contrast, Janhvi has capitalized on her opportunities and is now reaping the benefits. On the other hand, her so-called ‘outsider’ contemporaries, such as Sharvari and Triptii Dimri, are also beginning to secure more substantial roles. However, it’s not Janhvi’s fault who she was born as; she received opportunities, but she made the most of them, and that has made all the difference.

If all goes well with her upcoming films, Janhvi Kapoor could look back at 2024 as a transformative year in her acting career, a year marked by increasingly significant roles and box office success. Even if challenges arise, Janhvi has shown resilience in the past, as seen with her ability to bounce back from movies like “Roohi.” As of now, she has positioned herself to make 2024 her breakthrough year. The film industry and audiences alike eagerly anticipate what comes next for this burgeoning Bollywood star.

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