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Javed Akhtar Fights Back Fiercely Against Social Media Trolls

In a recent episode of social media drama, renowned screenwriter, lyricist, and poet Javed Akhtar once again showcased his unyielding spirit by delivering stinging retorts to those who dared to troll him. The incident unfolded when Akhtar took to his X account to share a tweet regarding the upcoming US presidential polls. Unsurprisingly, his post garnered a plethora of responses, including some unsavory comments from trolls. However, Akhtar, known for his sharp wit and unflinching candor, was quick to issue fitting replies, thereby defending his and his family’s honor.

Akhtar’s thought-provoking tweet read, “I am a proud Indian citizen and till my last breath I will remain so but I have one common fact with Joe Biden. Both of us have exactly equal chance of becoming the next president of USA.” This light-hearted analogy seemed to hit a nerve for some, prompting a flood of replies.

In typical fashion, Akhtar did not back down. When one user accused his father of playing a pivotal role in the creation of Pakistan, labeling him a ‘gaddar’ or traitor, Akhtar unleashed a powerful rebuttal. The user commented, “Your father was instrumental in making Pakistan in order to have a nation just for Muslims, then in the guise of a progressive writer he chose to remain in India. You are a son of Gaddar (traitor) who divided our nation on the lines of religion. Now you say anything but this is the truth.”

Akhtar, visibly irate but composed, responded, “It is difficult to decide whether you are totally ignorant or a complete idiot. From 1857, my family has been involved with the freedom movement and has gone to jails and Kala paani when most probably your baap dadas (fathers and grandfathers) were licking the boots of the Angrez sarkar (British government).” His reply was not only a defense of his family’s honor but also a lesson in history, highlighting their contribution to the Indian freedom struggle.

Akhtar’s scathing retorts did not end there. Another user brought up the topic of Michelle Obama while questioning her chances in potentially saving the USA from Donald Trump.

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. Akhtar’s original sentiment was, “I have expressed my opinion quite a few times in the past and still stand by it that the only one who can save USA from Trump is Michelle Obama.” However, the conversation took a darker turn when a user injected a racist comment, saying, “You’re quite fond of ‘him’ Michelle?”

This deeply inappropriate and racially insensitive remark did not escape Akhtar’s notice. He responded with cutting clarity: “It is very, very irresponsible of your family that they still have not committed you to any mental asylum. Man, you are sick and badly need help.” His firm response underscored his refusal to tolerate bigotry and ignorance, making it clear that such behavior would not go unchecked.

Akhtar’s interactions highlight the broader issue of trolling on social media platforms. It’s a space where anonymity often emboldens individuals to make inflammatory and derogatory comments without fear of real-world consequences. Yet, figures like Javed Akhtar serve as a reminder that for every troll, there is someone unafraid to call out their misconduct directly and publicly.

This recent episode is not an isolated incident. It’s emblematic of the larger digital landscape where public figures constantly navigate between sharing their thoughts and dealing with trolls. Akhtar, through his sharp retorts, continues to set an example of standing up against vitriol.

At 79, Javed Akhtar exemplifies resilience. Whether through his evocative lyrics and poems or his fiery responses on social media, Akhtar’s voice resonates powerfully. His latest verbal duels on X underscore not only his quick wit but also his dedication to upholding the truth and defending his legacy.

As the digital age continues to evolve, so too will the interactions on social media. However, Akhtar’s recent exchanges serve as a potent reminder: truth and dignity can and should be defended vigorously, even in the face of anonymous digital slander. Whether discussing international politics or responding to personal attacks, Javed Akhtar’s resolve remains as unshakeable as ever.