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Kangana Ranaut Faces Backlash Over Old Support for Will Smith Following CISF Constable Incident

In a whirlwind of events that has gripped social media and sent netizens into a frenzy, Bollywood actress and newly elected Member of Parliament, Kangana Ranaut, finds herself at the center of controversy yet again. An old post of her supporting Hollywood actor Will Smith for slapping comedian Chris Rock during the Oscars 2022 has resurfaced and is now going viral. This development comes just two days after Ranaut herself was slapped by a CISF constable at Chandigarh airport, adding fuel to the fire of public opinion.

In 2022, during what turned out to be one of the most talked-about moments in Oscars history, Will Smith took to the stage and slapped Chris Rock after the comedian made a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who suffers from alopecia. The incident led to widespread criticism of Smith, with many condemning his violent response. However, Kangana Ranaut took a different stance and shared her support for Smith on social media.

“If some idiot used my mom or sister’s illness to make a bunch of fools laugh, I would slap him like @willsmith did…badass move..hope he comes to my #lockup,” Ranaut posted on Instagram, along with a picture of the infamous slap. At the time, her post was seen as a bold statement, reflecting her penchant for controversial and polarizing opinions. However, with the recent developments, this old post has sparked a new wave of criticism directed toward her.

Kangana’s previous defense of violence as a justified response in certain situations has not aged well, particularly in light of her recent plea for support after being physically assaulted by the CISF constable. The viral resurfacing of her statement has led to many calling her out for hypocrisy. One user on social media commented, “Hypocrisy ki seema nahi hoti” (“There is no limit to hypocrisy”), while another remarked, “Her biggest enemy is herself. It’s Kangana vs Kangana.” These comments reflect a growing sentiment among the public that her views and actions do not align consistently.

Adding to the drama, on Saturday, Kangana took to X (formerly Twitter) to condemn those supporting the CISF constable, who has been identified as Kulwinder and detained for questioning.

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. In an impassioned tweet, she stated, “Every rapist, murderer, or thief always has a strong emotional, physical, psychological, or financial reason to commit a crime. No crime ever happens without a reason, yet they are convicted and sentenced to jail. If you are aligned with the criminal’s strong emotional impulse to commit a crime, violating all laws of the land, remember if you are okay with breaking into someone’s intimate zone, without their permission, touching their bodies, and assaulting them, then deep down you are okay with rape or murder also because that’s also just penetration or a stab. Only what big deal? You must look deeper into your psychological criminal tendencies. I suggest you take up yoga and meditation, or else life will become a bitter and burdensome experience. Don’t carry so much grudge, hate, and jealousy, please. Free yourself.”

This tweet aimed to draw a parallel between the assault she faced and more severe crimes, in an attempt to gain empathy and support. However, it instead ignited further backlash, with many arguing that her previous support for Will Smith contradicts her current stance and dilutes her argument.

The incident at Chandigarh airport has indeed cast a shadow over her recent role as a lawmaker. Just two days after taking office, Kangana’s altercation with a CISF officer has caused an uproar. The context of the altercation remains a matter of investigation, but the constable’s detention by the CISF Commandant Office for questioning suggests that authorities are taking the matter seriously.

While the incident itself would have been a significant talking point, the surfacing of Kangana’s old Instagram post has amplified the scrutiny she faces. Public figures, especially those in positions of influence and power, often find their past actions and words revisited under new light, sometimes to their detriment. In Kangana’s case, her apparent double standards have not gone unnoticed, and the court of public opinion has been quick to render its judgment.

As the investigation continues and more details emerge, Kangana Ranaut’s response and handling of the situation will undoubtedly be watched closely. The dual controversies—her violent encounter with the CISF constable and her past endorsement of Will Smith’s similar behavior—serve as a reminder of the complex interplay between public actions and private beliefs, especially for those thrust into the limelight.