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Kavin Discusses His Philosophy on Fame and Future Projects in Tamil Cinema

Currently the talk of the town, Kavin has taken Tamil social media by storm, with his every move being closely watched and celebrated by his fans. His charm isn’t limited to the online world as he has earned accolades from within the film industry too. In a recent press event for his forthcoming film “Star,” the film’s producer dubbed him “the next big thing in Tamil cinema.”

Not long after the producer’s compliment made headlines, I find myself in Kavin’s hotel room as he orders vegetable rolls. Curious about his choice of snack, I enquire, to which he responds with a smile, “Inniku kovil ku ponen (I visited a temple earlier today),” his demeanor untouched by the frenzy he is at the center of. He reflects a teaching from director Nelson, stating his primary goal is daily happiness, emphasizing that the rest is tied to the unpredictable nature of film releases.

The young actor shares his approach to work, which focuses on maintaining a peaceful mind during the 50 days of shoot and momentary attachment until the end of the film promotions. Distancing himself from his projects is a strategy to minimize the impact of their success or failure, with the understanding that outcomes are beyond his control. Kavin confesses his desire for “Star” to outperform his previous project, “Dada.”

In our conversation, he opens up about his personal life, where he finds solace in simple things like playing PlayStation with close friends, away from the gadgets that otherwise dominate his professional life. He looks back on times when he dreamt of bikes and cars, recognizing these dreams have become reality thanks to his hard work.

Kavin cares deeply about diversity in his roles and wishes to be remembered for a filmography that spans across genres. He believes it’s not the quantity of work but the variety that will stand the test of time.

Recounting a scene from “Star,” he connects with a common sentiment of seeking acknowledgment, which he finds helps in natural performances. He values meaningful stories that add uniqueness to his career pathway.

Regarding his upcoming film “Bloody Beggar,” he explains his careful selection based on confidence in both his skillset and the project’s potential but is mindful about its presentation. This sense of purpose led him to juggle two film projects simultaneously, carefully balancing his commitments.

For Kavin, the film industry is unstable, much like the stars in the sky that come and go as they please. He sees cinema as both a savior and a relentless challenge, one that he’s prepared to ride out as long as it lasts.

With “Star” set for release on May 10, Kavin stands at a threshold, ready to embrace the unpredictability of his career in Tamil cinema, and leaving an impression as someone committed to the craft, regardless of cinema’s ever-changing landscape. The eyes of the industry and his fans are firmly fixed on him, as he reaches for the stars with determination and hopeful anticipation.