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Lucky Ali Accuses Karnataka IAS Officer’s Family of Land Grabbing in Public Complaint

Singer Lucky Ali, renowned for his soulful voice and evergreen hits, has taken to social media to publicly share a complaint filed against a Karnataka IAS officer and her family. Just recently, Ali lodged a formal complaint with Praveen Sood, Director General and Inspector General of Police of Karnataka, alleging the illegal encroachment of his farmland by an organized land mafia, which purportedly involves the husband of IAS officer Rohini Sindhuri.

In a heartfelt post, the singer apologized to his fans and the public for having to publicize such a distressing personal matter. Through snapshots of the complaint uploaded on his social media accounts, Ali detailed his grievances, emphasizing the urgency due to his being overseas for work commitments in Dubai.

Ali stated, “I am Maqsood Mahmood Ali, Son of the Late actor and comedian Mehmood Ali, also known as Lucky Ali. Currently, I am away in Dubai for work, which amplifies the urgency of this matter.” He continued, describing how his farm, a Trust Property located in Kenchenahalli Yelahanka, is being unlawfully occupied. He named Sudhir Reddy and Madhu Reddy, alleged members of the Bangalore land mafia, as the primary culprits, accusing them of receiving undue assistance from Sindhuri, who occupies a high-ranking state position as the Commissioner of Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments Department.

“My farm, a Trust Property, located in Kenchenahalli Yelahanka, is being illegally encroached upon by Sudhir Reddy and Madhu Reddy of the Bangalore land mafia, abetted by Rohini Sindhuri, an IAS officer. They are exploiting state resources for their selfish gain, forcibly invading my property without presenting any legitimate documents,” Ali alleged.

He further explained that, upon consultation, his legal team advised that the encroachment is patently illegal since the Reddys did not possess any court order authorizing their entry. Given the farm’s long-standing possession of over five decades by Ali’s family, this unauthorized intrusion raised significant legal and personal concerns. With his planned departure to Dubai creating a time-sensitive situation, Ali initially sought a personal meeting with Sood, which could not materialize, leading him to file a complaint with the local Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP).

“I aimed to meet you personally before my travel to Dubai. Nonetheless, due to your unavailability, a complaint was lodged with the jurisdictional ACP,” Ali expressed. “Regrettably, there has been no satisfactory response as of yet.

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.” The singer poignantly highlighted how his family, especially his young children, felt unsafe on their own farm due to local police support for the encroachers and a general indifference to their plight. Desperate for assistance, Ali pleaded, “Dear Sir, please intervene to halt this illegal activity before their attempt to establish false possession precedes the final court hearing on December 7. I am compelled to bring this to the public as a last resort.”

Indeed, Rohini Sindhuri’s tenure as an IAS officer has not been without controversy. Known for her uprightness, she has previously confronted influential politicians, gaining a reputation for her strong-willed nature. Similarly, JD(S) MLA and former minister S.R. Mahesh previously accused Sindhuri and her husband of being involved in illicit real estate practices and encroachment on farmers’ lands. Sindhuri was transferred to her current role as Commissioner of Hindu Religious Institutions following a series of high-profile altercations with local political figures in her former post as Mysuru district commissioner.

While the allegations by Ali certainly add to the challenges Sindhuri has faced, this case also brings to the forefront broader issues of land rights and misuse of power by influential families within Indian state machinery. The police have initiated an investigation following Ali’s complaint, promising to delve into the singer’s claims rigorously.

Lucky Ali urged public solidarity and transparency by posting the complaint online, apologizing for having to resort to such measures. “I apologize for drawing attention to this matter through social media, but I am left with no other option,” he wrote.

As the story unfolds, the allegations against Sindhuri and her family will be scrutinized within the frameworks of legal protocols and civic accountability. The public eye will closely observe this development, keenly awaiting justice for Ali and his family amid these fraught accusations.