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Masaba Gupta Opens Up About Pregnancy and Skin Changes

Renowned fashion designer Masaba Gupta, who is expecting her first child with actor-husband Satyadeep Mishra, recently took to Instagram to candidly discuss the skin condition she’s facing during her pregnancy. Through her Instagram stories, Masaba shared that she has been experiencing a significant amount of body acne, which leaves noticeable marks.

In a heartfelt Instagram Story post, Masaba displayed a cropped picture focusing on her neck and shoulder, showcasing the marks left by acne. The image gave a glimpse of her in a white bathrobe, adorned with a pearl necklace. While sharing this snapshot, she wrote an empowering note: “Through my pregnancy, I’ve been getting a fresh bout of body acne that leaves a mark behind–every couple of weeks. I was troubled by it earlier, but I’ve just renamed them ‘baby kisses’ now. A reminder of the newness of creation maybe. But in case you are going through something similar, hormones can be wild. You are not alone.”

This candid revelation comes shortly after Masaba and Satyadeep shared the exciting news of their impending arrival in April via Instagram. “In other news – Two little feet are on their way to us! Please send love, blessings, and banana chips (plain salted ONLY) #babyonboard #mom&dad,” Masaba’s joyful post read.

The couple tied the knot in January 2023 in a ceremony that saw the presence of close family members, including Masaba’s mother, the celebrated actress Neena Gupta, her father and former West Indies cricketer Vivian Richards, and her step-father Vivek Mehra. The intimate wedding was a beautiful culmination of their love story, which has now taken another joyous step forward with the news of their baby.

During an interview with Twinkle Khanna on the Tweak India YouTube channel, Masaba delved into her childhood experiences as the daughter of celebrity parents. She highlighted how growing up in the limelight came with its unique set of challenges and misconceptions, one of which was the assumption that she would inherit a substantial fortune from her famous father. This in-depth conversation shed light on her resilience and capacity to carve her own identity in the fashion industry, despite the numerous pressures and expectations.

Masaba’s journey in the public eye has always been nothing short of inspiring.

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. She was previously married to producer Madhu Mantena, with whom she tied the knot in 2015. However, their marriage ended in 2019. Satyadeep also has a history of marriage; he was earlier married to actress Aditi Rao Hydari, but they too parted ways in 2013. Their past relationships and eventual union show that they’ve both faced ups and downs before finding solace in each other.

Masaba has not just made waves in the fashion world but also ventured into the entertainment industry with her semi-fictionalized show ‘Masaba Masaba.’ The series, available on Netflix, brilliantly encapsulates her life, following her unique journey as Neena Gupta’s daughter, her weaving through diverse spheres of fashion, her family dynamics, and her quest back into the dating world. The show’s success, spanning two seasons, is a testament to Masaba’s multifaceted talent and appeal.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Masaba’s recent openness about her skin condition during pregnancy resonates with many expecting mothers who might be going through similar struggles. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can indeed unleash a variety of skin issues, including acne, which can sometimes be difficult to manage. By sharing her personal experiences, Masaba lends her voice to a broader narrative of body positivity and acceptance, encouraging women to embrace the changes that come with pregnancy.

As Masaba and Satyadeep await the arrival of their little one, it’s clear that they are surrounded by love and support from their family, friends, and followers. Masaba’s approach to renaming her acne scars as ‘baby kisses’ reflects her positive outlook and ability to find beauty in unexpected places. It’s a touching reminder that every phase of life, no matter how challenging, can be embraced with grace and love.

In conclusion, Masaba Gupta’s candid revelations about her pregnancy and the accompanying skin changes add another layer to her already inspiring persona. Her ability to share intimate aspects of her life with authenticity and humor not only reassures others facing similar issues but also strengthens her bond with her audience. As she continues to navigate this new chapter with Satyadeep Mishra, we wish them an abundance of joy, health, and happiness.