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‘Mr & Mrs Mahi’ Strikes Gold on Opening Day Despite Mixed Reviews

In a remarkable feat at the box office, “Mr & Mrs Mahi,” starring Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor, garnered ₹7 crore on its first day of release in India. According to Sacnilk.com, the movie achieved a 56.15 percent occupancy rate for Hindi shows, defying mixed reviews circulating online.

The romantic drama, directed by Sharan Sharma of “Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl” fame, chronicles the intertwined lives of Mahendra (Rao) and Mahima (Kapoor). Both characters share not only pet names but also a deep-seated love for cricket. Mahima, a doctor, once dreamed of becoming a cricketer, while Mahendra, who now helms his father’s cricket gear shop, sees cricket as his only reality. His unmet ambitions and Mahima’s passion for cricket reignite when they cross paths, creating an opportunity for both to reevaluate their aspirations and relationships.

Mid-day’s critical review highlights the film’s unique placement within the spectrum of cinema. Unlike movies that invoke strong emotions of love or hate, “Mr & Mrs Mahi” resides in the realm of indifference. According to Mid-day, the film leaves viewers speechless, not out of awe but out of a sheer lack of impact.

The narrative’s nobility, marred by an insipid screenplay from Sharma and Nikhil Mehrotra and uninspired direction, makes “Mr & Mrs Mahi” a paradoxical movie. Its lofty ambitions fail to translate into a compelling cinematic experience, according to critics. The film attempts to stress the importance of inner happiness over external validation but apparently fails to deliver an engaging experience from start to finish.

Nevertheless, the film’s advance sales tell a different story. As reported by Pinkvilla, “Mr & Mrs Mahi” topped the charts in advance ticket sales, with a striking 2.15 lakh tickets sold. The advantageous Cinema Lovers Day initiative, which priced tickets at just ₹99, likely contributed to this surge, encouraging higher cinema footfall.

The advance bookings scenario compared favorably with other upcoming films. Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone’s “Fighter” reported sales of 1.

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.45 lakh tickets, while “Article 370” sold 1.25 lakh tickets. The horror flick “Shaitaan” netted 81.5k, “Crew” managed 65k, and “Bade Miyan Chote Miyan,” featuring Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff, sold 1.03 lakh tickets. Notably, “Article 370,” backed by Aditya Dhar of “Uri: The Surgical Strike” fame, leveraged the Cinema Lovers Day initiative to its advantage as well.

Janhvi Kapoor, who has had a limited number of theatrical releases like “Dhadak,” “Roohi,” and “Mili” in her career, saw “Mr & Mrs Mahi” as a significant addition to her growing filmography. Rajkummar Rao, whose recent work includes the biopic “Srikanth,” brings his well-established acting prowess to the film but even his performance couldn’t overcome the film’s broader issues according to critics.

“Mr & Mrs Mahi” revolves around the dynamic relationship between Mahendra and Mahima. Mahendra is initially devastated by his own cricketing failures but finds renewed inspiration through Mahima. Her prowess on the cricket field rekindles his desire to be part of the sport, albeit in a coaching capacity. However, life throws several curveballs at the budding couple, putting their perseverance to the test.

While the film’s intentions are commendable, aiming to blend romance and the spirit of sports against life’s unpredictable challenges, many felt it failed to rise above mere sincerity. It raises thought-provoking questions about dreams, ambitions, and personal fulfilment but, ironically, seems joyless in its execution.

Despite mixed critical reception, the commercial response to “Mr & Mrs Mahi” demonstrates the unpredictable nature of box office dynamics. The much-anticipated drama about love, dreams, and second chances has managed to captivate a section of the audience, ensuring a promising start at the theaters.

As the film continues its journey in cinemas, all eyes will be on its performance in the days to come. Whether “Mr & Mrs Mahi” can maintain its momentum and win over more hearts remains to be seen. For now, its significant opening day earnings and impressive advance bookings signal a strong start, regardless of the critical mixed reviews.