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Mumbai BMW Hit-and-Run: Police Apprehend Shiv Sena Leader’s Son Mihir Shah

In a significant breakthrough, Mumbai Police has apprehended Mihir Shah, the primary suspect in the grievous hit-and-run case that shook the city’s Worli area. The 24-year-old Shah is the son of Rajesh Shah, a prominent Shiv Sena leader linked to the Eknath Shinde faction. According to a police official, Mihir Shah’s arrest was made near Mumbai, marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing investigation.

The incident in question occurred on a fateful Sunday morning, as Kaveri Nakhwa (45) and her husband Pradeep were commuting on their two-wheeler. Tragedy struck when a BMW, allegedly driven by Mihir Shah, struck the couple, resulting in Kaveri’s immediate death and leaving Pradeep with severe injuries. The horrific event triggered a city-wide manhunt, underlining the severity and urgency of the situation.

Authorities revealed that Mihir Shah’s father, Rajesh Shah, played a crucial role in his son’s initial escape. Police have disclosed that Rajesh Shah went as far as planning to remove the vehicle used in the crime to further shield his son from the law. The extent of the father’s involvement has accentuated the complexities of the case, leading to further legal ramifications for the family.

Mumbai Police, leaving no stone unturned, constituted 11 distinct teams and enlisted the expertise of the Crime Branch to track down and apprehend Mihir Shah. Additionally, a Look Out Circular (LOC) was issued to prevent him from fleeing the country. This multifaceted approach underscores the determination of the law enforcement agencies to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Earlier, both Rajesh Shah and the family’s driver, Rajrishi Bidawat, faced arrest. Their court appearances have further spotlighted the gravity of the situation. On Monday, Rajesh Shah and Bidawat were presented before a Mumbai court, which subsequently ordered a 14-day judicial custody for Rajesh Shah and a one-day police custody for Bidawat.

However, developments took an unexpected turn when Rajesh Shah was later granted bail, a decision that has stirred both public and media interest. Although temporarily released, Rajesh Shah remains under stringent legal scrutiny.

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. Meanwhile, Rajrishi Bidawat’s police custody has been extended till July 11, prolonging his involvement in the investigation.

Against the backdrop of these legal proceedings, Maharashtra’s Chief Minister and Shiv Sena head, Eknath Shinde, has issued a stern warning, vowing that no individual would be spared from the consequences of such transgressions. Addressing the incident with grave concern, CM Shinde emphasized, “No one, whether rich, influential, or the offspring of bureaucrats or ministers, affiliated with any party, will have immunity as long as I am the chief minister.”

This high-profile statement has been seen as a commitment to uphold the rule of law and underscores the state’s zero-tolerance approach towards such heinous activities. The declaration serves as a significant assertion of impartiality in the face of political or social influence.

Mihir Shah’s arrest and subsequent legal actions represent a complex tapestry of familial ties, political connections, and procedural diligence. The incident has not only drawn local and national attention but also sparked discussions on road safety, legal accountability, and the use of influence to evade justice.

The extensive deployment of police resources and the involvement of the Crime Branch highlight the administration’s determination to address the incident with the gravity it deserves. Public responses to these developments have varied, with many calling for stringent repercussions not just for Mihir Shah, but for anyone complicit in attempting to obstruct justice.

As the case unfolds, further legal developments are anticipated, including continued scrutiny of Rajesh Shah’s involvement and potential additional charges. The repercussions of this incident are expected to extend beyond the immediate legal outcomes, sparking wider debates on the interplay between political influence and legal accountability.

This incident stands as a stark reminder of the overarching principle that justice should be blind, serving as a critical test for Maharashtra’s judiciary and law enforcement agencies. The nation’s eyes remain on Mumbai as the legal process advances, ensuring that due diligence and justice prevail in this tragic case.

(With inputs from PTI)

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