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Munisha Khatwani Reflects on Bigg Boss OTT 3 Journey and Slap Controversy

Mumbai: In an exclusive post-eviction interview with Zee News, Munisha Khatwani, the eminent Tarot reader and recently evicted contestant from Bigg Boss OTT 3, opened up about her dynamic yet concise participation in the house, sharing insights on the heated slap controversy involving Armaan Malik.

Munisha, who stayed in the Bigg Boss house for a noteworthy 18 days, expressed immense pride in her short-lived but significant journey. Revered by many as a respectable and dignified contender, she reflected on the pivotal moments and challenges she faced during the reality show. “The journey, though brief, was incredibly impactful,” Munisha said, her voice resonating with gratitude and a hint of melancholy over her early exit.

The controversy surrounding Armaan Malik’s physical altercation with Vishal Pandey has been the topic of much debate among fans and former contestants alike. Armaan’s reaction to Vishal’s comment about his second wife, Kritika Malik, sparked widespread criticism. Many, including Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon, voiced their disdain for such acts of violence within the confines of the show.

Discussing this contentious issue, Munisha shed light on her perspective. “I will not say that Bigg Boss’s decision was wrong,” she began, “They allowed us to express our opinions on the matter. In my view, Armaan wasn’t wrong as a husband; his reaction was perhaps a natural instinct to defend his spouse. However, as a contestant on the show, his actions were indeed questionable.” Munisha, drawing parallels from her own life, added, “As someone who is married, I can understand the protective instinct. My husband might react similarly in such a situation, which is why I gave Armaan the benefit of the doubt.”

Elaborating on her rapport with Armaan and his family, Munisha provided a nuanced glimpse into the house dynamics. “I didn’t have a strong bond with Armaan or his family,” she recalled, noting her considerable efforts to maintain cordial relations. “With Kritika, there was some level of understanding, but it deteriorated towards the end. When I was leaving, Kritika didn’t even say goodbye, likely because of my comments about Armaan being intimidating.

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. The language barrier also played a significant role; many didn’t comprehend the terms I used.”

While reflecting on the interpersonal relationships within the house, Munisha also praised some of her former housemates. Highlighting Ranveer Shorey as a formidable competitor, she stated, “Ranveer is undoubtedly one of the strongest players in the house. His resilience and strategic acumen make him a potential finalist.” She didn’t stop there, as she also lauded other contestants like Luvkesh Kataria, Vishal Pandey, and Shivani, who she believes also have a strong chance of winning.

Interestingly, Munisha’s exit coincided with a significant change in the show’s leadership. Bollywood icon Anil Kapoor has taken on the role of host, succeeding Salman Khan. This transition has introduced a fresh dynamic and energy to the show, which Munisha acknowledged during her interview.

Munisha reiterated her candid yet balanced stance on the slap controversy, emphasizing the thin line contestants must tread between personal instincts and the game’s regulations. “Balancing one’s personal morals with the rules of the game is a constant struggle,” she pointed out, highlighting the dilemmas faced by individuals on such a public platform.

In discussing her pivotal moments in Bigg Boss OTT 3, Munisha emphasized the importance of maintaining dignity and respect, even amidst intense provocation and stress. “It’s challenging, but essential to remember who you are and what you stand for,” she advised future participants.

Despite her early eviction, Munisha’s experiences and observations have provided viewers with profound insights into the complexities of reality television, where personal relationships, moral decisions, and strategic gameplay intertwine. “Every moment in the house was a lesson,” Munisha concluded, offering a glimpse into the transformative impact of her Bigg Boss journey.

Anil Kapoor’s new role as host is expected to bring in a distinct flair and keep audiences engaged as they witness the unfolding drama and evolving relationships in the Bigg Boss OTT house. As Munisha bids adieu to this chapter, she leaves behind a legacy of grace and wisdom, inspiring both her fellow contestants and the viewers.