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Near Mishap as Sunidhi Chauhan Dodges Bottle While Performing in Dehradun

In what can only be described as a heart-stopping moment at a live concert in Dehradun, the darling of Bollywood music, Sunidhi Chauhan, was almost struck by a projectile in the form of a water bottle. The incident, which highlighted the perils faced by artists during live performances, was dealt with poise and maturity by the seasoned singer.

The event unfolded as the award-winning vocalist, known for her high-energy shows comparable to global icons like Dua Lipa and Taylor Swift, was entertaining a packed venue in the scenic city of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. According to reports, a water bottle hurled by an unidentified member of the audience breezed past Chauhan, nearly hitting her. The crowd, caught by surprise at this act of recklessness, looked on as the visibly shaken artist responded with composed admonition on this potentially dangerous behavior.

Sunidhi, in a display of professionalism and restraint, addressed the crowd, questioning the intent behind such an action. “Yeh kya ho raha hai? Bottle phenkne se kya hoga? Show ruk jayega. Do you want that?” she asked. Her words, which translate to “What’s going on? What will you get out of throwing bottles? The show will end. Do you want that?”, reverberated through the event. These moments were captured on video and later circulated on social media platforms by concert attendees.

Starting her singing career at the tender age of 12 back in 1996, the songstress has since swept the nation with her melodious and powerful voice. Gaining fame with her breakout song ‘Ruki Ruki Si Zindagi’, Chauhan has amassed a copious list of hits including chart-toppers such as ‘Mehboob Mere’, ‘Dhoom Machale’, ‘Beedi Jalaile’, ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’, and patriotic songs like ‘Ae Watan’. More recently, her journey has taken a dive into the world of independent music, a venture that has seen her collaborate with various artists to produce beloved singles like ‘Kuchh Khaab’, ‘Here is Beautiful’, ‘Ye Ranjishein’, and ‘Dil Todne Se Pehle’.

In a candid conversation with the Indian news agency IANS, Sunidhi Chauhan reflected on her unwavering passion and how it continues to drive her two decades on. “My driving force has not changed since the time I was a child, I love music, I love singing. When I started my journey, it was nothing but the joy of singing and it is still the same. I am a constant learner, even after all these years,” she shared.

The acclaimed vocalist’s recent Bollywood contributions include peppy numbers like ‘Show Me The Thumka’ from ‘Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar’, ‘Mai Marjawangi’ from ‘Dream Girl 2’, the serene ‘Pari Hoon Main’ from ‘Thank You for Coming’, and the rhythmically upbeat ‘Gaandi Taal’ from ‘Love Sex Aur Dhokha 2’, continuing her legacy of delivering one hit after another.

While fans and music enthusiasts across the country laud her consistency and dedication to her craft, the incident in Dehradun serves as a somber reminder of the unexpected challenges facing artists. Though the night could have taken a turn for the worse, it instead spotlighted Chauhan’s remarkable composure and her enduring connection with her audience that overshadows fleeting moments of frenzy. The night, a musical saga intertwined with abrupt disquiet, added yet another chapter to the singer’s storied career—a testament to her resilience and the transcendental power of music.

(With inputs from IANS)