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Osgood Perkins to Direct Adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘The Monkey’ Announcing February 2025 Release

Osgood Perkins, a director known for his unique and eerie style, is preparing for what promises to be another chilling addition to his filmography. Fresh off the buzz surrounding his most recent project, Longlegs, starring Nicolas Cage and Maika Monroe, Perkins is now setting his sights on adapting Stephen King’s short story, The Monkey. Fans of horror and dark mysteries can pencil in February 21, 2025, as the U.S. release date for this highly anticipated film, announced by the distributor NEON.

The Monkey, originating from King’s 1985 short story collection, Skeleton Crew, will be brought to life through the combined talents of Perkins and a notable production team. Spearheading this effort is the acclaimed horror producer James Wan, whose name has become synonymous with iconic horror franchises like The Conjuring and Insidious. Perkins, known for his atmospheric storytelling and unusual approach, has likened his upcoming film to “Robert Zemeckis on acid making a Stephen King picture about a monkey toy,” during an interview with Bloody Disgusting.

The film boasts a strong cast featuring Theo James, Tatiana Maslany, and Elijah Wood. Perkins’ take on King’s story promises to delve deeply into the psychological and supernatural elements that fans of both creators have come to expect. The plot revolves around twin brothers, Hal and Bill, who discover their father’s cursed monkey toy in the attic. This seemingly innocent toy sets off a chain of gruesome events, leading to a series of tragic deaths. In a desperate effort to evade the curse, the brothers decide to part ways, only to have fate reunite them years later as the horrific deaths resume. The brothers must revisit their dark past and collaborate to destroy the malevolent toy before it claims more lives.

Taking on the role of the twins during their childhood is Christian Convery, a young actor who has garnered attention for his performance in Netflix’s Sweet Tooth. Meanwhile, Theo James is cast as the adult versions of Hal and Bill, tasked with confronting their haunting history.

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. The roles of Tatiana Maslany and Elijah Wood remain shrouded in mystery, heightening anticipation as fans speculate on how these accomplished actors will fit into the chilling narrative.

Perkins’ adaptation is set to explore deeply psychological themes, much like his previous works such as The Blackcoat’s Daughter and Gretel & Hansel. These movies have demonstrated his penchant for combining slow-building tension with striking visual storytelling. With The Monkey, Perkins appears poised to further cement his position as a distinctive voice in the horror genre.

James Wan’s involvement further elevates expectations. Known for his ability to craft intensely scary experiences, Wan’s production influence will undoubtedly meld well with Perkins’ directorial vision. Wan’s experience in creating atmospheric horror through films like Saw, The Conjuring, and Malignant suggests that The Monkey will be a well-rounded blend of narrative depth and spine-chilling scares.

Stephen King’s work has been a rich source of material for film adaptations for decades, and The Monkey is poised to join the ranks of notable King-inspired movies. King’s narrative style, often blending the mundane with the malevolent, offers a fertile ground for cinema, something Perkins is particularly adept at translating onto the screen.

The announcement of The Monkey’s release date marks another chapter in the ongoing renaissance of horror cinema. Recent years have seen an increased appetite for horror films that go beyond mere jump scares, exploring deeper psychological and existential themes. The success of films like Hereditary, The Witch, and It Follows, which emphasize atmosphere, character development, and lingering dread, has paved the way for Perkins’ upcoming project.

As the film’s February 2025 release date approaches, fans of horror, Stephen King, and Osgood Perkins will undoubtedly be watching closely for more details. Whether through teaser trailers, promotional stills, or interviews, every new piece of information will be eagerly dissected by an audience hungry for fresh frights and a compelling narrative. With a stellar cast and powerhouse production team, The Monkey is shaping up to be a standout entry not only in Perkins’ oeuvre but also in the larger landscape of horror cinema. Expect a film that combines the psychological, supernatural, and downright terrifying in a way that only Perkins can deliver.