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Pratik Gandhi Highlights Mahatma Gandhi’s Enduring Relevance Amid Controversial Remarks by PM Modi

Pratik Gandhi, the acclaimed actor known for his gripping portrayal in Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story (2020), is once again poised to captivate audiences, this time by stepping into the shoes of the iconic Mahatma Gandhi. This development comes at a time when a recent remark by Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the Mahatma has stirred quite a controversy. Modi’s statement suggested that the world only came to know Mahatma Gandhi following the release of the 1982 film ‘Gandhi’. This claim has been met with widespread condemnation across the country, bringing Mahatma Gandhi’s enduring relevance into sharper focus.

As Pratik Gandhi delves into portraying the Mahatma in a forthcoming multi-season web series, he emphasizes that Gandhi’s thoughts and philosophies are more pertinent than ever. “The world needs Gandhi now more than ever before. Gandhi is not a person, he is a thought process. It’s necessary to know and understand where he comes from,” said the actor.

Pratik’s journey in the entertainment industry has been marked by notable projects. Among them, Dedh Bigha Zameen stands out. Initially, when the title was suggested to him, Pratik had reservations due to its resemblance to Bimal Roy’s classic, Do Bigha Zameen (1953). However, director Pulkit, known for Bhakshak, assuaged his concerns, revealing that their film had no connection with the 1953 classic. After his initial misgivings, Pratik realized that no other title could have been more apt for the story they were telling.

In Dedh Bigha Zameen, Pratik embodies the role of a common man who faces the harsh reality of his ancestral land being illegally occupied by a corrupt official. Hindi cinema has often portrayed the hero grappling with an unjust system, but Pratik credits Pulkit for crafting a compelling and essential narrative. “Pulkit’s approach and writing are organic. Bhakshak disturbed me; I couldn’t sleep all night. He has the tendency to touch your core while asking questions that others don’t. We would create many scenes on the set. Performing some lines would hit differently, and Pulkit allows you the space to tweak a scene to your liking,” shared Pratik, highlighting Pulkit’s dynamic and collaborative direction style.

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Starring opposite Pratik in Dedh Bigha Zameen is Khushali Kumar. Together, they seek to bring an evocative story to life, which is expected to resonate with audiences.

Discussing his acting process, Pratik described himself as a switch-on-switch-off actor. He elaborated, “When I am performing, I have two people inside me—Pratik and the character. The character is telling the story, and Pratik is objectively looking at the performance. I’m critical of myself to the point of overthinking.” This dual awareness enables Pratik to refine his performance continuously, offering a nuanced portrayal that keeps viewers engaged.

The anticipation around his next big project, Gandhi, is building up gradually. Speaking on the relevance of Mahatma Gandhi, especially in the light of recent political discourse, Pratik expressed, “With this show, we’re making a digital footprint of him. What we’ve read in school is only a portion of his life. Our series delves into many aspects that people have not known. It will help them see Gandhi in a different light, even make him more human.” The series aims to present a comprehensive view of Gandhi’s life, exploring lesser-known facets and humanizing the leader who has often been deified.

Pratik’s portrayal of Gandhi comes at an opportune moment, providing a counterpoint to recent debates and reinforcing the timeless values Mahatma Gandhi stood for. As the world grapples with myriad issues—from social justice to inequality—his philosophies remain a beacon of hope and guidance. Thus, the upcoming series serves not just as a historical recount but as a crucial reflection on the principles of empathy, peace, and non-violence that are needed in today’s global landscape.

In conclusion, Pratik Gandhi’s career trajectory continues to ascend, marked by roles that are not only exemplary performances but are also deeply impactful. His ability to embody and relay complex characters makes him an actor to watch. As he prepares to bring one of history’s most significant figures to the screen, audiences can expect a nuanced, thought-provoking series that shines a new light on Mahatma Gandhi’s enduring legacy.