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Ranveer Singh and SlowCheeta’s Dynamic Collaboration on ‘Kar De Kaa?’

In a riveting blend of Bollywood glitz and the pulsating beat of Indian hip-hop, actor-rapper Chaitnya Sharma, aka SlowCheeta, electrified the music scene with the release of his new music video ‘Kar De Kaa?’ The track, which was unveiled on Thursday, unites SlowCheeta with Bollywood juggernaut Ranveer Singh and also features the distinct charm of SlowCheeta’s talented wife, actress Shweta Tripathi Sharma. This song forms a quintessential part of SlowCheeta’s latest Extended Play (EP), titled ‘Scene Main Bawaal’, which is setting the Indian hip-hop community abuzz.

Commanding attention, the music video stretches over seven minutes and serves as a cinematic nod to the partnership of Ranveer and SlowCheeta post their celebrated work in the acclaimed movie ‘Gully Boy’. The narrative video captures the essence of the Indian underground rap domain, presenting a vivid montage of its triumphs and tribulations. Interestingly, ‘Kar De Kaa?’ shares a connection with the recently launched Bollywood film ‘Maidaan’, offering a captivating backstory that enriches the song’s layers.

Talking about the genesis of ‘Kar De Kaa?’ SlowCheeta gleaned inspiration from his shooting days on the set of ‘Maidaan’, where he encountered Amandeep, a maverick soccer player from Himachal Pradesh, whose pre-kick ritual and striking ability caught SlowCheeta’s imagination. This interaction translated into the lyrical heartbeat of the track, capturing Amandeep’s infectious spirit in the form of a catchy chorus that elevates the entire composition.

SlowCheeta divulged more details about the visual narrative, likening the music video to a short film which ventures into the lesser-seen realms of India’s rap universe. Highlighted with behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage, the music video emanates an authentic, raw, and engaging resonance. SlowCheeta also expressed the exhilaration of working alongside Ranveer Singh, his awe of the superstar’s presence never waning.

Meanwhile, Ranveer Singh, known for his effusive love for music and in particular, hip-hop and rap, revealed his admiration for SlowCheeta’s originality and multi-faceted talent. Reflecting on their shared journey and creative synergy since the making of ‘Gully Boy’, where Ranveer’s portrayal of Murad captured the rapper’s strife and success, Ranveer extolled SlowCheeta’s evolution as a creative force in the industry.

The ‘Kar De Kaa?’ music video, launched under the auspices of IncInk Records, has been making the rounds on YouTube, inviting viewers into an immersive audio-visual experience that is characteristic of the cutting-edge Indian rap culture.

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