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Ranveer Singh Cheers on Deepika Padukone in Her ‘Singham Again’ Cop Avatar

The Bollywood film industry was abuzz with excitement as Ranveer Singh took to social media to express his admiration for his wife, Deepika Padukone, after her look in the much-anticipated film ‘Singham Again’ was made public by director Rohit Shetty. Singh, acclaimed for his energetic performances, will be seen reprising his role as the impetuous cop Sangram ‘Simmba’ Bhalerao in the upcoming installment of the high-voltage ‘Singham’ franchise.

It was on a Monday that Singh shared an evocative image of Padukone dressed in a police uniform, striking a powerfully authoritative pose reminiscent of the franchise’s signature style, to his Instagram stories. The photograph featured Padukone in her role as the dauntless cop Shakti Shetty, a name that resonates with vigor and force. Penning the word “Sherni,” which denotes a lioness in Hindi, alongside the image, Singh captured the essence of his wife’s fierce character and complemented the post with a lioness emoji for good measure. To further emphasize the theme, the pulsating soundtrack of ‘Singham’ played in the background of this story, reinforcing the link to the cinematic universe where fearless law enforcers rule supreme.

Earlier on April 19, both Padukone and Shetty had initially shared the same snapshot on their respective social media feeds, which received an electrifying response from fans and critics alike. Deepika’s debut look from ‘Singham Again’ was originally disclosed on the auspicious first day of Navratri the previous year. In that striking image, Padukone’s character was portrayed aggressively grasping a criminal by his hair, his figure prostrate at her sturdy boots. With the barrel of a firearm intimidatingly lodged in the wrongdoer’s mouth and blood stains besmirching her uniform, Padukone’s malevolent chuckle bore into the soul of the beholder through the camera lens, promising an intense cinematic spectacle.

Shakti Shetty, conceptualized by film maestro Rohit Shetty, stands to challenge ingrained perspectives by becoming the very first female cop lead in his filmography, known for its quintessential male-dominated police dramas that deliver adrenaline-inducing action and epic explosions. The character of Shakti Shetty is the embodiment of feminine might and, by design, is poised to revamp the paradigm of women’s portrayal within the scope of law enforcement. Hailing Deepika’s representation as the “real hero,” Rohit Shetty envisaged a character imbued with the tenets linked to the mythological goddess Shakti—consisting of energy, ability, strength, effort, power, and capability.

The introduction of ‘Shakti Shetty’ as ‘Lady Singham’ invites moviegoers to a reimagined world within Rohit Shetty’s cinematic cop universe. This bold move forwards the narrative of inclusive storytelling, paving the way for leading female characters to dominate the big screen as indefatigable guardians of justice, symbolizing an impactful, progressive shift in the entertainment landscape.

‘Singham Again’ beckons audiences to explore this new direction, where Shetty and Padukone together aim to break traditional molds and foster a theme of empowerment that traverses beyond mere entertainment. With her character, Padukone is not just expanding the universe; she’s reinventing it, demanding attention and respect for a new breed of hero that doesn’t abide by gender constraints.

Ranveer Singh’s enthusiastic show of support to his wife highlights the bonhomie and mutual respect that Bollywood’s power couple share, both professionally and personally. As the industry and fans eagerly await the release of ‘Singham Again,’ the camaraderie between Singh and Padukone serves as a testament to the dynamism and transformative power of modern Indian cinema, which is undeniably embarking on a fresh—and fearless—narrative journey.