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Ranveer Singh Hails Grandfather’s Voting Spirit Amidst Lok Sabha Elections

Bollywood heartthrob Ranveer Singh took to Instagram on Tuesday to shine a spotlight on his 93-year-old grandfather, fondly referred to as his ‘rockstar Nana,’ for braving the scorching Mumbai heat to cast his vote during the fifth phase of the Lok Sabha elections. The national duty of voting saw an extensive turnout from Bollywood, with stars like Ranveer Singh and his wife Deepika Padukone also hitting the polls. However, the narrative that grabbed the netizens’ hearts was undoubtedly Singh’s touching tribute to his nonagenarian grandparent.

Ranveer’s Instagram post read, “93 years old. 93 degrees Fahrenheit outside. But he voted. He’s a voter! My Rockstar Nana #EveryVoteCounts,” accompanied by a heartwarming picture of his grandfather proudly standing at the polling booth. The post quickly went viral, drawing an influx of comments and reactions. Admirers and fans flooded the comments section, lauding the elderly man’s commitment to democracy. One user remarked, “Nana truly is a rockstar,” while another echoed a sentiment of democracy’s resilience saying, “And that’s the reason democracy in India thrives! My love and hugs for Nanu.”

The cherished moment was not only significant for the netizens but also underscored the participatory spirit of Indian democracy, demonstrating that age and harsh weather conditions could not deter true citizens from exercising their franchise.

On Monday, actor Ranveer Singh and his actress wife, Deepika Padukone, who are among Bollywood’s most adored couples, were also seen casting their votes in Mumbai. Stepping out in coordinated white shirts and black sunglasses, the couple’s presence turned heads at the polling station. Deepika, who is currently expecting, showcased her baby bump and was closely accompanied by Ranveer throughout the entire process. Videos from the day showed Ranveer walking protectively with Deepika, holding her hand as they navigated through the crowd.

This edition of Lok Sabha elections is particularly memorable not just because of the presence of Bollywood stars but because of the broader representation of every citizen’s duty to vote.

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. The importance of every individual vote is underscored by such inspiring gestures, whether by a 93-year-old grandfather or young star parents-to-be.

Turning the lens towards their professional endeavors, Deepika Padukone is enjoying a successful career streak. Following her highly-praised performance in ‘Fighter’ alongside Hrithik Roshan, the versatile actress has several exciting projects lined up. One much-anticipated film is ‘Kalki 2989 AD’, where she co-stars with Prabhas, adding to the buzz around this futuristic saga. Furthermore, Deepika will step into an iconic role in the Hindi adaptation of ‘The Intern’, sharing the screen with the legendary Amitabh Bachchan. Then there’s her role in Rohit Shetty’s cop-verse, ‘Singham Again,’ which has also generated considerable excitement among her fans.

Ranveer Singh, meanwhile, is all set to take on a formidable new role in Farhan Akhtar’s upcoming ‘Don 3’. The action-packed third installment of the ‘Don’ series has already captured the media spotlight, with Ranveer starring alongside Kiara Advani. According to insiders, the actors are already deep into their rigorous training regimes, specifically focusing on agility preparedness, sticking to Farhan Akhtar’s high demands for physical excellence.

In sum, the past couple of days have been a blend of fulfilling civic duty and maintaining the sheen of their professional commitments for Bollywood’s power couple. The significant act of casting their votes has been both a representation of their responsibility as citizens and an inspiration to fans, reinforcing the message that no one is exempt from this national duty.

Amidst all the action, including their shared public appearances and work-related hustle, fans took solace and pride in Ranveer Singh’s heartfelt social media post about his grandfather. It was a reminder of the timeless value of voting, irrespective of age, and the reinforcing of democratic ideals through personal stories.

As the Lok Sabha elections continue, stories like that of Ranveer Singh’s ‘rockstar Nana’ serve as powerful narratives encouraging greater voter turnout and instilling democratic virtues across generations. With the Bollywood fraternity leading by example, it is hoped that such gestures will amplify the collective call for active political participation among citizens, enriching India’s democratic fabric in this pivotal election year.