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Russian-Sourced Email Threats Target Over 80 Delhi Schools Police Probe Underway

The peace of a regular academic day was disrupted when over 80 schools across the National Capital Region (Delhi-NCR) received bomb threats via email on a tense Wednesday morning. The unsettling messages prompted an immediate response from investigation agencies who now suspect that the sender utilized a server located in Russia, informed sources close to the situation. According to these sources, a single IP address was detected as the origin of all the emails, which has become the focal point of the investigation.

The Cyber unit within the ranks of the Delhi Police has been roped in to probe deeper into the incident. Preliminary findings suggest the threatening emails were dispatched from an address with a Russian domain. However, the task of conclusively validating whether Russia was indeed the point of origin remains incomplete.

Delhi Police now face the technical challenge of tracking down the specific IP address tied to the email account associated with the threats. Sources within the investigation team imparted to ANI news agency that emails of this nature are typically sent through Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections, which obscure the sender’s actual IP address. Nevertheless, the confidence resonates within the Cyber unit as they remain hopeful of unearthing the IP address’s true location.

There are also suggestions from inside the investigation team that the sender may have leveraged the Dark Web to disseminate the threatening emails. To ensure a thorough investigation and leave no stone unturned, the Delhi Police have deployed different teams, each focusing on various aspects of what is quickly evolving into a complex case. In light of the multi-jurisdictional impact, the Noida, Ghaziabad, and Delhi police are collaborating closely in a combined effort to resolve the situation swiftly and safely.

Amidst the chaos, the Directorate of Education under the Delhi Government stepped forward to issue an official confirmation, stating that no harmful devices or anomalous activities were identified at any of the implicated schools.

“The communications received by several schools in Delhi regarding the presence of bombs on campus were deemed to be hoaxes. The Delhi Police carried out comprehensive searches, and we are confident in announcing that nothing of concern has been located. Our students and staff are unharmed, and operations continue safely. We urge everyone to remain calm. We allowed early dismissals for students whose parents arrived at the schools to collect them,” shared the Directorate of Education in a public update.

In response to the heightening concern, a high-level meeting of senior Delhi Police officials is presently ongoing at the police headquarters, with the Special Commissioner of Police in attendance, accompanied by the Joint Commissioner and operatives from the social media cell.

Delhi Police Public Relations Officer Suman Nalwa confirmed the current status following the search operations, reassuring the public that the threats have not materialized into any visible danger.

“Multiple schools have informed us regarding emails they’ve received about a bomb on their premises. We have reacted swiftly, instigating searches across these locations, and fortunately, have found nothing alarming. It looks like some entity has orchestrated this scare to create panic among the public…I want to express to all parents not to succumb to fear. We are actively investigating the situation,” conveyed the Delhi Police PRO.

During earlier developments, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) aimed to deflect unwarranted panic by stating that the email threats appeared to be a hoax. Delhi Police’s Special Cell has since taken the lead on investigating the bomb threats received by multiple schools.

In the wake of the incident, Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor V.K. Saxena visited one of the schools that received a threat and subsequently requested that the Delhi Police Commissioner undertake a detailed investigation.

“I spoke with the Police Commissioner and requested an in-depth report on the bomb threats at schools within the Delhi-NCR area. I have directed the Delhi Police to conduct meticulous searches of the school premises, pinpoint those responsible, and ensure no security lapses occur. I ask that parents remain calm and collaborate with us to maintain the safety of our schools and children. Those responsible for this scare will face justice,” LG V.K. Saxena stated.

Thus far, the incident has been met with a precise and coordinated response from authorities, emphasizing the safety of students and staff as paramount. While the investigation continues, the anonymous threat-maker remains at large, and Delhi’s school community is enveloped in a heightened sense of vigilance.

(Aside from the headline, this story has not undergone edits by DNA staff and was published from ANI material.)