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RVU Collaborates with Hombale Films to Launch School of Film Media and Creative Arts in Bengaluru

In a dynamic move set to revolutionize academic and professional realms, RV University (RVU) and Hombale Films have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish the School of Film, Media, and Creative Arts (SoFMCA) at the RVU campus in Bengaluru. This ambitious initiative is poised to reshape the landscape of undergraduate and postgraduate education in the fields of film, media, OTT platforms, and creative arts by combining academic rigor with hands-on industry experience.

Scheduled to welcome its inaugural batch of students in August 2024, SoFMCA aims to become a cornerstone in media and creative arts education. Hombale Films, famed for producing blockbuster Kannada films such as “Kantara” and the “KGF” series, is a key player in this collaboration.

Vijay Kiragandur, the visionary founder of Hombale Films, describes the partnership as a game-changer. “This collaboration aims at nurturing and empowering the next generation of filmmakers and media professionals,” Kiragandur states, emphasizing the program’s committed purpose to foster talent and innovation in these fields.

Dr. M. P. Shyam, President of the Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust, RVU’s parent body, echoed these sentiments, touting the collaboration as an essential step for educational and industry growth. “This strategic partnership will not only provide our students with world-class training and industry exposure at one of the largest studio and production houses in the country but also contribute significantly to the growth and evolution of the film and media industry,” he asserts.

The establishment of SoFMCA is a noteworthy development underlining the interplay between academic institutions and the film industry. It creates a fertile ground for aspiring students to learn from veterans and industry stalwarts, merging classroom theory with real-world applications. Experts anticipate that the school will attract not only local but also international students, drawn by the opportunity to learn within such a vibrant nexus of academia and cinema.

Hombale Films has continually pushed the envelope of quality and production values in Kannada cinema, setting a benchmark with films like “Kantara” and “KGF.

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.” The studio’s involvement ensures that RVU’s new school will offer unparalleled access to top-tier resources and mentorship from professionals who are redefining industry standards.

The curatorial framework for the School of Film, Media, and Creative Arts is being meticulously designed to include diverse disciplines. The curriculum will traverse through foundational aspects of filmmaking, technical skills, production management, scriptwriting, directorial techniques, and innovative media applications. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to pursue in-depth studies in emerging areas such as OTT content creation and digital media strategies.

RVU and Hombale Films intend to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical expertise. The educational approach will encompass projects, masterclasses, interactive seminars, and internships, providing comprehensive learning experiences that go beyond conventional academic boundaries. By immersing students directly into the workings of a highly reputable production house, SoFMCA promises an enriching formation ground for future filmmakers and media creators.

The school will also focus on the evolution of digital streaming platforms (OTT). With the surging popularity of streaming services, understanding the intricacies of content creation, distribution, and audience engagement is becoming increasingly critical. SoFMCA aims to equip its students with the acumen necessary to navigate and succeed in this rapidly changing domain.

Furthermore, this collaboration underscores a significant push toward bolstering the educational environment in Bengaluru, a city already known for its rich cultural milieu and burgeoning tech industry. The presence of SoFMCA will add a robust academic dimension to Bengaluru’s creative ecosystem, ensuring the city’s relevance as a major hub for artistic and media-related education.

In conclusion, the alliance between RV University and Hombale Films heralds a forward-thinking educational venture that promises to create a paradigm shift in film and media studies. By integrating academic excellence with industry prowess, the School of Film, Media, and Creative Arts is set to become a premier destination for students aspiring to leave a mark on the world of cinema and media. Anticipation builds as we approach August 2024, when the first cohort of students will embark on this transformative journey.