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Ryan Gosling Partners with Amazon MGM for Zombie Comedy ‘I Used to Eat Brains Now I Eat Kale’

Amazon MGM has secured the rights to produce “I Used to Eat Brains, Now I Eat Kale,” an innovative zombie comedy that is already generating considerable buzz in the film industry. According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, the film will be produced by renowned actor Ryan Gosling in collaboration with Jessie Henderson. This new venture will fall under the duo’s production banner, General Admission, which has a lucrative first-look deal with Amazon.

The film’s screenplay is being crafted by twins Adams and Daniel Cooper, who are adapting their own 42-page short story for the screen. The brothers have promised a unique and humorous take on the traditional zombie narrative. The storyline is set in a “post-post-apocalyptic” world where former zombies, now devoid of their flesh-eating tendencies, struggle to reintegrate into society. This intriguing premise has captured the attention of both audiences and critics alike and is expected to bring a fresh perspective to the well-trodden zombie genre.

The movie is poised to make its market debut in June, heightening anticipation among fans of both zombie flicks and comedic films. Although Ryan Gosling will not star in the film, his involvement as a producer is clearly a significant draw. Gosling’s last appearance was in Universal’s “Fall Guy”, and he has a number of high-profile projects lined up, including his next role in Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s “Project Hail Mary.”

Speaking of Project Hail Mary, recently it was revealed that Sandra Hüller, the star of “Anatomy of a Fall,” will be joining Gosling in this much-anticipated adaptation. The cast addition has fueled even more excitement around Gosling’s ongoing ventures with Amazon MGM.

As for “I Used to Eat Brains, Now I Eat Kale,” the identity of the film’s director remains unannounced. However, given the strong creative team already assembled, expectations are high.

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. It has been hinted that the film will not only delve into the comedic potential of zombies trying to lead normal lives but will also explore deeper themes of identity and redemption.

The General Admission banner under which the film is being produced is quickly establishing itself as a major player in Hollywood. With numerous promising projects under their belt, the partnership between Gosling and Henderson is already proving to be fruitful. Their first-look deal with Amazon positions them strategically to access a global audience, ensuring that their films receive both the financing and distribution necessary to succeed in today’s competitive market.

In terms of narrative scope, “I Used to Eat Brains, Now I Eat Kale” sets itself apart by opting for a lighter, more comedic portrayal of what is traditionally a horror-laden genre. The Cooper twins have teased that audiences can expect a blend of sharp wit and endearing character arcs, set against the backdrop of a society grappling with the return of its undead citizens now adjusting to a vegan lifestyle. This unique twist not only promises laughs but also provides a satirical commentary on contemporary issues such as health trends and societal reintegration.

The production has a lot riding on its shoulders, given the high expectations from both fans of the genre and the general movie-going public. As a point of speculation, many believe that this film could redefine what audiences expect from zombie movies, much like how “Shaun of the Dead” did during its time. The comedy aspect, combined with the impressive names attached to the project, strongly suggests that “I Used to Eat Brains, Now I Eat Kale” will be one of the standout releases of the year.

With a scheduled release in June, the coming months will likely see an increase in promotional activities, teasers, and perhaps even a full trailer that will give audiences a sneak peek into this imaginative world. The anticipation is palpable, and all eyes are on Amazon MGM and General Admission to deliver on the promising potential of this project. For now, fans can only wait eagerly for more updates and the eventual release of what could very well be a game-changing film in the realm of zombie comedies.