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Salman Khan Applauds Vicky Kaushal’s Stunning Dance Moves in ‘Tauba Tauba’ Song from Bad Newz

Salman Khan has recently expressed his admiration for Vicky Kaushal’s latest endeavor in the song ‘Tauba Tauba’ from the upcoming movie, Bad Newz. The internet is buzzing with excitement as fans heap praise on both the song, brilliantly sung by Karan Aujla, and Kaushal’s impeccable dance skills. The wave of enthusiasm has now reached Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, who couldn’t help but endorse the song and commend Vicky Kaushal’s performance on his Instagram Stories.

Among the sea of compliments, Salman Khan’s reaction holds significant weight. Known for his influence in the industry and his refined taste in cinematic talents, Khan showered Vicky Kaushal with accolades. The Tiger 3 actor shared a brief clip of the song ‘Tauba Tauba’ and penned an enthusiastic note. Salman’s message read, “Great movies Vicky… song looking good. Best wishes @vickykaushal09.” This gesture was met with sincere gratitude from Kaushal, who replied, “So sweet of you Salman sir!!! Thank You so much….this means so much to me and the whole team.”

The mutual admiration between these two actors has added a new layer of excitement to the already eager anticipation surrounding Bad Newz.

**About the Bad Newz Movie Trailer:**

The buzz around Bad Newz isn’t just restricted to its songs but extends to the unique storyline and dynamic cast as well. The movie is a comedic masterpiece directed by Anand Tiwari and supported by a formidable production team including Hiroo Yash Johar, Karan Johar, Apoorva Mehta, Amritpal Singh Bindra, and Tiwari himself. The grand trailer launch on June 28 in Mumbai was a splendid affair attended by the enthusiastic cast and crew, further fuelling the excitement for this much-awaited film.

Set to release on July 19, Bad Newz promises to be an extraordinary comic journey.

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. The plot unfolds with Saloni (played by Triptii Dimri) discovering that she is pregnant with twins from two different fathers, Akhil (Vicky Kaushal) and Gurbir (Ammy Virk). This rare and almost unbelievable scenario, known as Heteropaternal Superfecundation, sets off a chain of humorous and heartwarming events that are bound to leave the audience in splits while also touching their hearts.

Manish Menghani, director of content licensing at Prime Video, expressed his enthusiasm about the project, stating, “Our association with Dharma Productions goes back a long way, and through the years, we’ve brought several fascinating and entertaining stories to our audiences in India and across the world. Bad Newz is our second co-production with Dharma and our first theatrical collaboration with Leo Media Collective. The film tells a truly unique story that is interesting and entertaining, credit for which goes to our leads – Vicky, Triptii and Ammy, and director Anand Tiwari. Their combined excellence has made Bad Newz a truly unmissable laugh riot. We’re looking forward to bringing this to our customers!”

The excitement around the film is palpable as posters, teasers, and now the trailer have successfully captured the audience’s interest.

**Salman Khan’s Praise Sparks Online Frenzy:**

The endorsement from Salman Khan has added a significant boost to the song ‘Tauba Tauba.’ Social media platforms are abuzz as fans appreciate the mutual respect between Salman and Vicky. Khan’s acknowledgment can serve as a major upliftment for the film’s promotional activities, potentially drawing even more viewers to the theaters once the movie releases.

Vicky Kaushal’s dance moves have been a standout feature in the clip shared by Salman. Known for his intense roles in films like URI and Raazi, Vicky’s seamless transition into a spirited dancer in ‘Tauba Tauba’ has taken many by surprise. His versatility is garnering praises from all quarters, reaffirming his standing as one of Bollywood’s most bankable stars.

**What Makes ‘Bad Newz’ Unique?**

At its core, Bad Newz stands out not just because of its star cast or director but because of its unique storyline inspired by one-in-a-billion true events. The narrative explores the complexities and bizarre situations arising from Heteropaternal Superfecundation—a rare phenomenon that involves twins being fathered by two different men. This unusual premise is bound to intrigue audiences and draw them into theaters.

The film’s comedic yet heartening take on such an unusual scenario is expected to resonate well with viewers, providing a perfect blend of humor and sentiment. The trailer has already hinted at the stellar performances and the hilarious situations that ensue due to the unique pregnancy twist, setting high expectations.

As the days inch closer to the release date, the anticipation surrounding Bad Newz continues to grow, bolstered by Salman Khan’s endorsement and the buzz created by Vicky Kaushal’s dance number ‘Tauba Tauba.’ Fans eagerly await July 19, when they can finally witness this intriguing story unfold on the big screen.