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Sanjay Kapoor Discusses the Significant Impact of OTT Platforms on His Career

Sanjay Kapoor is set to star in the much-anticipated ZEE5 film ‘House Of Lies.’ Ahead of its release, the seasoned actor opened up about the transformative role OTT platforms have played in his career and the wider Hindi film industry’s reach.

In the intricate narrative of ZEE5’s upcoming release, House of Lies, deception knows no bounds. Produced by Kali Movies Private Limited and Sebhariya Pictures and directed by Saumitra Singh, this captivating thriller is slated for premiere on ZEE5 on May 31st as part of its free-to-stream library. Featuring an ensemble cast including Sanjay Kapoor, Ssmilley Suri, Simran Kaur Suri, Hiten Paintal and the late actor Rituraj K Singh, the film weaves a compelling murder mystery told through the investigation of Albert Pinto’s suspicious death following his birthday celebration. Investigators Rajveer Singh Choudhary and Abhay, alongside officer Sashi from the Enforcement Directorate, question a range of characters including Albert’s wife Ragini, his brother Anthony, sister-in-law Aastha, lawyer Karan Sinha, doctor Fernandis, friend Col. Verma, and house help Zaid. Each piece of the puzzle adds layers of complexity as conflicting witness statements, rivalry and deceit cloud the truth, making the investigation considerably more complicated.

The film’s exceptional cast and intricate storyline serve as its unique selling points (USP), according to lead actor Sanjay Kapoor. One specific reason to watch, he says, is to appreciate the performance of the late Rituraj Ji, whom Kapoor describes as a warm and talented actor.

During the promotion of the film, Kapoor discussed the pivotal role OTT platforms have taken in revamping his career and broadening the reach of Hindi content. “OTT connects with a larger audience, not just in India but internationally too,” he noted. Unlike traditional cinemas, which may not release every movie in all locations, OTT platforms offer global accessibility. Entire libraries of films are available for subscribers to watch at their convenience, ensuring that good films find their audience.

Kapoor elaborated, “There are so many places where a movie doesn’t even release in the theater, but on OTT, you can watch it. It exists like a library; once it comes on the platform, if it’s a good film, you will take out time and finally watch it.

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. That’s how it reaches a broader audience as the release is worldwide. Anybody can see any film, sitting anywhere and they just need to have the subscription to the platform, and they can see it.”

He further emphasized the unparalleled reach that OTT services provide, something even cinemas struggle to match. “This kind of reach, even cinemas don’t have. Obviously, cinema is great; it’s larger than life and it’s a big screen entertainment,” Kapoor explained. He added that while the communal experience of watching a theater movie with an audience is unique—”Theater ka apna maza hai kyunki aap poori audience ke saath picture dekhte ho” (There is a unique joy in watching a movie with an entire audience, reacting collectively)—the solitary or small-group experience of watching content on OTT platforms also has its set of advantages and disadvantages. Regardless, the global exposure that OTT offers has undoubtedly expanded viewership for his works.

Director Saumitra Singh also weighed in on the value and distinctiveness of House of Lies. An avid fan of the murder mystery genre, Singh drew inspiration from the genre’s greats, including Agatha Christie’s classics and modern noir thrillers, to craft a narrative that would both perplex and excite the audience. “Bringing ‘House of Lies’ to life in collaboration with ZEE5 and my writer, Abhiraj Sharma, has truly been a dream project,” Singh proclaimed. He focused on developing each character as intricately layered and deceptive puzzle pieces, brought to life by an extraordinarily talented ensemble cast.

Singh assured viewers of an enthralling experience. “This flick is a delirious descent into the darkest depths of human nature that will have you clinging to the edge of your seat. From start to finish, I can guarantee that viewers will be utterly transfixed, unable to take their eyes off the screen as the shocking truths are revealed.” His dedication to the genre and to meticulous character development promises to make House of Lies a gripping and riveting watch.

As the entertainment landscape continues to evolve, platforms like ZEE5 illustrate how OTT services are not only revolutionizing how audiences consume content but are also providing actors and creators a global stage to showcase their work.