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Sharvari Wagh Basks in the Glory of Horror Film Success

Sharvari Wagh is brimming with excitement and pride as her latest horror movie, Munjya, has made an impressive mark at the Indian box office. The film, deeply rooted in Maharashtrian folklore, garnered approximately Rs 20.04 crore in just the first three days, a feat that has not only validated her commitment to the role but also brought her closer to her cultural roots.

“I’m a proud Maharashtrian, so it is a nice feeling to see this unanimous love and appreciation for a film that is rooted in Maharashtrian folklore,” shared Sharvari. The audience’s response has been overwhelmingly positive, and this widespread acknowledgment is something that the actor cherishes dearly. The film’s stellar opening weekend numbers have undoubtedly boosted her confidence. “I have to admit that I’m over the moon right now. To have a big success under my belt is, of course, a huge confidence booster,” she said.

The actor further expressed her delight in seeing her social media accounts flooded with messages of love and support from fans all over the country. According to her, this massive outpouring of affection is not only heartwarming but also serves as a significant validation of the hard work she put into the film. “To see my social media flooded with love from fans across the country is also a huge validation for my work,” she added, with a smile.

Sharvari’s joy is not limited to the film’s commercial success. She is equally thrilled about the reception of her performance in her first major dance number, Taras, which is part of the film directed by Aditya Sarpotdar. The dance sequence was a particularly nerve-wracking part of the project for her, as it was a new territory that came with its own set of challenges and apprehensions. “I was quite nervous about how it would be received by cinegoers,” she confessed. However, those fears were quickly allayed as feedback started pouring in.

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“It is very encouraging to see people enjoying and dancing to the song in the theatres. Growing up, I was the one glued to the big screen watching the big dance numbers play at the end of the movie. To see that people are now enjoying my song at theatres, hits differently,” she reminisced. Watching audiences dance and groove to her performance is a surreal experience for Sharvari, who has always been inspired by the larger-than-life dance sequences that dominated Bollywood films during her childhood.

The success of Munjya and the positive feedback for Taras are significant milestones in Sharvari’s career. They reinforce her belief in taking on challenging roles and pushing her boundaries as an actor. The triumph of the film, coupled with the appreciation for her dance performance, heralds a new phase in her career marked by greater confidence and a willingness to take on diverse roles.

Sharvari’s journey in the film industry has not been without its hurdles, but her dedication and hard work have paid off remarkably well. She understands the importance of staying connected to her roots and is overjoyed that a film based on Maharashtrian folklore has struck such a chord with audiences nationwide. This alignment of personal and professional pride is what fuels her passion for acting.

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As Sharvari basks in the success of Munjya, she continues to look forward to more such opportunities that allow her to showcase her talent and connect with fans on a deeper level. Her journey is a testament to the fact that dedication and a deep connection to one’s roots can pave the way for incredible success and widespread admiration.